And they wonder why no one takes them seriously

Labour is constantly worrying and fretting that the New Zealand electorate isn’t taking them seriously. LIttle wonder when their star number 4, Jacinda Ardern thinks the solution to Maori killing their kids is cross-party talks:

Labour’s social development spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern said she did not want to comment specifically on Hinekawa’s case while the investigation was continuing, but speaking broadly about the issue of child abuse, she reiterated Labour’s call for more cooperation across Parliament to tackle the problem.

“We know that our child abuse stats in New Zealand are appalling, we know we have an enormous issue that we need to be dealing with. I don’t believe we need another inquiry to tell us what we already know, we need action.”

The Government announced last year that it would set up a ministerial committee to look at the issue of child poverty, and Ms Ardern said with poverty and abuse being so inter-linked, the group could be an opportunity for parties to work together.

“We’ve asked the Government to allow us to be a part of that group … as yet the Government hasn’t taken us up on that offer but we’ll keep making it,” Ms Ardern said.

So she doesn’t want an inquiry, instead she wants “more cooperation” whatever that means.

Ultimately it is all futile because until people start to understand that killing their kids is wrong it will keep on happening. I’ll be you a dollar to a knob of goat poo that Labour’s solution involves chucking more cash at poor people. If money was the solution to all these problems then we would have solved them when we passed the first billion spend.


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  • Cactus Kate

    Poverty and abuse being interlinked?
    Well Maori and killing kids is far more interlinked. Which is why National already have the Maori Party involved in the ministerial committee.

    Ardern is behaving like a spare prick at a wedding here. Tariana Turia or Jacinda Ardern? Who do you want on that committee? And what is Ardern going to add with all her years of experience in the area of welfare?

    Labourhad nine years to have their own enquiry. Nothing.

  • Pete George

    “Labour’s solution involves chucking more cash at poor people” is pretty much confirmed by “Ms Ardern said with poverty and abuse being so inter-linked”.

    Poverty is not a problem, it doesn’t cause people to act worse than animals, it is just one symptom of many problems. Most people without much money still love their (and other’s) kids enough not to hurt and kill them.

    Why don’t Labour suggest cross party talks on drug and alcohol abuse, that is much more closely associated with child abuse and family violence.

    But even that doesn’t cause it. Bad learnt behaviours probably cause most of it. Maybe backdating throwing more money at it by a generation or two will fix everything.

  • Anonymous

    Action needed. I agree. Action by Maori.
    They are the ones doing this shit. They are the ones who should wake the f**k up and fix it. If they don’t, then we should fix it for them with the death penalty.

    • Thorn

      Pem Bird, why so silent?

      • Thorn

        David Taupiri, do you have no special insights?

    • Thorn

      Where are you Pita? 

      • Thorn

        Hone, has the cat got your tongue?

    • Thorn

      Nanaia Mahuta, are you hiding behind Parekura, or is he hiding behind you on this matter?

    • ZOLTAN

      Some white people abuse their kids too, you know.

      • Thorn

        And they deserve to die – no excuses asked or taken. They are a waste of a white skin. You have to ask why Maori & Pacific Islanders standout as the cultural group most likely to kill, rape and maltreat their children – and not just in New Zealand. 

      • Guest

        Yes they do but they don’t have buckets of money thrown at them based on skin colour

    • Thorn

      And finally, an appeal to Prof.Margaret Mutu or any of her Te Wananga Waipapa staff, is Maori child abuse like cannibalism, taboo subjects not to be discussed?

    • Thorn

      Thor, my sense is the Maori politicians and academics are worth jack-shit fixing their problems of any description – just monkeys in silk who are monkeys no less.

  • Poor Labour – they’re just never going to ‘get’ it. Scary thing is that the Greens seem to be on their way up & they are even worse when it comes to this delusional idea that money solves money problems.

    And I agree – far more links between Maori/Maori on P & booze & abuse than poverty or just generally living off the smell of an oily rag & abuse. 

    There’s plenty of very low income families out there who do a fabulous job & while I am anti WFF & welfare in general, part of me doesn’t mind our taxes funding their choice to have heaps of kids as they are doing such a stirling job. I have met many families on the bones of their arse who make do in what must be really trying times, but who are raising kids that have empathy & a sense of appreciation – something that seems lost on many of the higher income (but still getting WFF) families. Best place to see fabulous parents at work – the park. Best place to see shit parents – the mall.

    Re Pete George – “learnt behaviours probably cause most of it” I agree. Solution: strip them down to bare basics in welfare in form of payment card then feed, clothe & fund kid’s education through their school. Take away their autonomy – they didn’t earn the money so they have no right on it is administered. Welfare for UB & DPB should be treated as a social contract where there is accountability, where the law forces people to recognise that the taxpayer expects good value for money.

    Starving & beating your kids while you spend your benefit on booze, ciggys etc is not value for money.

    So if Ms Ardern is serious about tackling child abuse then she will have to step away from the party line & accept that welfare exacerbates not reduces child abuse. I think Chris Carter has more chance of returning than Ms Ardern ever doing that!

  • GPT

    They’ve been bleating on about this for ages, I guess it’s easier than having a solution when approached by the media for comment,.

  • Dr Wang

    “…Ms Ardern said with poverty and abuse being so inter-linked”

    Why was there no huge spike in baby-murders during the Great Depression???

    • Vij

      Good point, let’s see how Kosh103 will spin this

    • Exactly!

      But bet there would have been plenty of domestic violence – guaranteed. Hard to measure though given women kept quiet as had no where else to go.

  • El Buli

    This the direct result of Labour’s solcial engineering to grow welfare dependance and the pool of labour voters ! Comments by Adern only show how marginalised Labour has become.

    • Groans

      Right on!

    • McV

      This policy has back-fired on the left, very much in the same fashion as the lord of the flies scenario.  As the sub-class of labour voters have   continued to breed, they have started to feast upon themseleves and basically crap in their own nests.  As the majority of NZ grows sick of this ongoing abuse, only then will they tolerate this no more and remove the means to the ongoing propogation of the species ie the end to the welfare state. 

      • Are you sure about that? Removal of the “means” will affect many who rely on WFF – the sacred cow that Labour ensured would always provide a path for them back into power should the Nats have the guts to carry out major welfare reforms.

  • jay cee

    if you have a look at the “people” (i use the word reluctantly) you will see that just about most if not all
    seem to come from poor areas. so maybe ms ardern is right to link poverty to  child abuse.
    that doesn’t mean she is going to throw money at the problem. thats only your take on the issue. if she does come out with that  answer i’ll be the first to spank her.

  • Honcho

    Am I the only person in NZ who knows what these people are like? they are not normal middle class people, they simply dont give a sh!t … they choose not to work, they make bad choices in life, they dont care about or for their own flesh and blood which they did not want or plan for … they simply dont give a sh!t.

    I grew up in a small sh!thole town, and i know for a fact, if you give these people even dollar more then what they are claiming (or stealing) right now, it will only be another dollar they will spend on booze, smokes, weed or harder drugs.

    • Alex

      Your not alone.  I have someone very close to me, an adopted family member, for whom she has no greater aspiration that “having fun” with booze, sex and bars; and whose planning processes don’t extend beyond the 24 hour period.  The challenge for any social welfare system is (1) trying to stop such people infecting the next generation; and (2) making sure they know that they aren’t powerless to change their lives for the better. 

      The current social welfare system fails on both accounts; it seems more designed for middle class people just to ease their conscience by tossing a few dollars at the poor.   Sort of like a domestic version of World Vision.   Occasionally when they need to ease their conscience even more, the middle class in the form of the left wing parties will demand government inquiries etc.    

       I think its time to start looking back at the Elizabethan poor law.  As I understand it, back in the Elizabethan and Stuart days,  local committees were charged with putting the out-of-work to work around the community, deciding on the level of support such people received and had some punitive powers for people who would do the work or mend their ways.