Anyone know what this is?

A mate of mine (Barnsley Bill) who works for a large corporate was in their Whangarei office this morning when, in his words, “this thing screeched, reared up on it’s hind legs and attacked” him. On reflection he thinks the high pitched screeching may have been from him. Anyway after much wrangling with chairs and brooms they managed to capture the beast and now want to know what it is.


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  • Zelda

    House centipede

    • Rick Rowling

      Bug identifier! What a great site – now bookmarked.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure that’s a Trevor Mallard.

  • pdm

    Christ – I hope they stay in Whangarei.

    Ruud Kleinpaste (sp) will know. NewstalkZB should be able to tell BB how to contact him.

  • Anonymous

    “this thing screeched, reared up on it’s hind legs and attacked”

    Yea, thats a Trevor alright.

  • Thorn

    Ask Kosh, his ugly daughter is regularly treated for similar infestations.

    • Petal

      Hmmmm….  not nice.

    • Cut it out. Don’t bring families into this. In fact withdraw and apologise.

      • Thorn

        I apologise for impugning Kosh’s daughter’s good looks and personal grooming.

      • Dr Wang

        You got to admit it was a little bit funny…

  • Bart

    Hmm, more legs than needed, must be a Wharf beetle!

  • Lesley
  • Dr Wang

    It’s not a slater.

  • Orange

    “Eats flies, cockroaches” sounds good.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    It’s Parsloe

    • Thorn

      Then its diet must be eating jobs and shitting unemployment.

  • Anonymous

    Is the Elephant(Whale) scared of a mouse.

    • Nope but I am of spiders…hate the things, ever since a Huntsman crawled over my face in Sydney while I snoozed on a couch. I used a whole can of bug spray on that suckers and a broom

  • Urban Redneck

    “this thing screeched, reared up on it’s hind legs and attacked”

    I didn’t know Darren Greenwood was back living with him again?

  • Steve and Monique.

    I think it’s Andrew Little, maybe Helen Kelly

  • cornershop…not

    its definately spetic tank Carmel Sepoloni – recently unemployed swamp donkey from Henderson. She thrives in locations where she can make right wing men screech….mind you arse is too small to be her

  • Anonymous

    maritimeunionus parsloensis 

  • Steve (North Shore)

    You all know what it is. It is not a Trevor Mallard or an Andrew Little or an Adrew Williams or A Helen Kelly or a Septic Tank amoeba.
    It is a Darien Fenton grub

  • Bill Barnsley

    We are going to try and put a saddle on it tomorrow

  • billhicks

    Its a NIT……..

    • Mooloo

      It’s a crab, where do you think crab sticks come from ( Northland .) To get rid of them
      you spray a full can of black flag on the infected area,Also  make sure you burn your under pants.

  • Killjoy

    Thats one of the more beautiful creatures that live up this way…

  • Dr Wang

    Last time I saw one of these critters was when Dazza Hughes showed me one just the same (one night in Hataitai) – I thought it may have just been a local infestation.

  • Ploughman

    Let me save the Greenies time and effort by suggesting green explanations.  Here goes: “It’s due to (expandable list follows) global warming, GE food, Rena pollution, sugar, atomic radiation, coal, chemical sprays, non-organic horticulture, capitalism, free markets, globalisation, supermarkets, free trade, National, John Key, …….  (the reader may insert his/her favourite cause).

    It is probably a house centipede, and most probably the southern Australian one.  If so, it is harmless and does a good job in being predatory on insects, except it supports the Wallabies and prefers Aussie beer.

  • Chris

    Is there Black Lagoon nearby his house???????