Anyone who wants two mothers-in-law deserves them

An Auckland man is a glutton for punishment, admitting he had two mothers-in-law:

An Auckland man has admitted bigamy, pleading guilty in the Manukau District Court today.

Rodney Peach faced one charge of bigamy and one of knowing that a document including details of marriage was forged.

Today, through his lawyer, he pleaded guilty to both charges and was remanded on bail to be sentenced next month.

Peach, 52, was accused of marrying Trisha Faiainoa while still married to Tania Peach.

It’s understood Tania Peach had no idea her husband of almost 28 years had remarried.

The couple, who have two children, are legally separated and she now lives in Australia.

Sounds like sloppy paper-work to me but why run the risk of ever having two mothers-in-law.

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  • Anonymous

    Some bigamist and drug dealer thought he would get some peace and quiet by moving to Ararimu years ago. Only trouble was, among his neighbours, were Pat Booth (then Auckland Star editor) and a detective sergeant. They soon had him sussed and he relocated to Mount Eden (next to the railway line).

  • MrAuz1989

    Two Mothers in Law? Give him home detention. That’ll learn him.

  • Guest

    I know of someone who did very similar, (Forged divorce papers of the second wife while she was in Australia, to get engaged to another (Third), then ended up working as a marriage counsellor with the (Effectively the Fourth) as joint couple counsellors… ironic

  • Mort

    if its OK for Gays to marry, what is the objection to polygamists if all parties enter the arrangements with full consent?

    • Paul Rain

      There’s no reasonable objection. Polygamy actually has a track record in functioning historical societies.

      As it is, most of the West endorses serial polygamy anyway. Why pretend that civil marriage in today’s society carries any obligation of ’til death do us part’?

  • Paranormal

    It’s all too easy to be found out these days.  Not like in the good old days when my Great Grandfather had two wives.  We only found out in 1995 and have discovered a whole new side to the family.

  • Nzringer

    What a wanker this man is – obviosly either insane or wanted to profit from this and his new wife knew he was married trisha how low are u to firstly be with a married man knowlingly and secondly marry him knowing he was still married she been in a relationship with him for 7 years behind his wife’s back working at emerald foods together ! Dumb dumb man, I am happy his first wife seperated from him and is with her beautiful children and grandchildren

    • Paul Rain

      Or didn’t want to be shafted by divorce lawyers?

  • Nzringer

    i have known this man for over 15 years, he decieved everyone most importantly his family …. she is and evil woman  to marry knowlingly a married man – they deserve each other .

    • Nzringer

      he has pleaded gulity he knows he has done wrong by EVERYONE involved. TRISHA hope he2.  is all you ever dreamt of ! how can you believ ein god or marriage you were cheating with him for years behing his wifes back – if you yourself are sinning by marrying this man – god help you , pray for forgiveness…. you will need it darl. nz ringer

  • Twinkletoes86

    So sad – this story
    is just sad
    Cheating or lying to the person who is your number 1 makes me feel sad. It crushed me as a young adult finding out my father was a cheater. Can’t imagine finding out I had a whole other family that was hidden from me .

  • Peter Wilson

    That’s pretty dopey reporting if you ask me. Says they are separated anyway, and maybe never got around to filing for divorce; took the easy way out, or so he thought.
    And what about this:
    “Under the Marriage Act people have to swear that they are single”
    I suspect they have to swear they are “unmarried”, as opposed to single. Althought that would mean fewer marriages, and hence fewer divorces, if you had to be single before you could even get a license.

  • Annemarie NYC

    Feel sorry for first wife hearing this from a paper bet u she glad to be in Australia – and if reports are true that Trisha knew he was married then she should be in trouble with the law 2 – takes 2 to tango. Well I’m sure anyway that his first wife will get those divorce papers to him ASAP now !

  • Annemarie NYC

    It was thought to be sloppy paper work but has come out that he likes or thinks he can make his own paper – she has admitted to knowing what has gone on well she should be booked as well she shall face 2 yr goal – stupid bitch

  • Idiotforloving

    I am disgusted to find out that this man is married twice !
    I had an affair with him in 2009 and left him because he failed to tell his wife about us .
    I always thought your bad behavior would get to you in the end murther fucka !!

    • Cactus Kate

      That needs exploring. How can you knowingly have an affair and expect a man to tell his wife? If he doesn’t tell her and at the same time leave her he doesn’t want to be with you. Surely you worked this out early in the piece?

      At least you gave him the arse card, but why even remember his name now?

      A wise woman thrice married to formerly married men told me once if they don’t leave within 90 days of first rooting them when they are still married they never will.

      She’s bang on accurate with every example I’ve come across.

    • Peter Wilson

      I like it!

      Accusing someone of bad behaviour, when you are an active participant. Sort of like being the car driver in a burglary and then later deploring the activities of your fellow criminals.

      • Cactus Kate

        Shes wasnt at their wedding. She is not the one cheating on a marriage vow. He is.

    • Idiotforloving

      I did not know he was married at the time of the affair – gave him a choice and he chose his wife.
      I never wanted to ever be in that situation .
      I do feel sorry for that new girl bet you he lies to you all the time love – to his first wife – he was a great liar – you prob never saw it coming and that is why you still defending him.
      Free yourself from him – he cannot free himself now from all his lies I’m sure no one will ever trust him again.

      • Juggler69

        Hello idiotforlive,

        Tell me more about this apparent affair you had this man? Who are you and when did this apparently happen?

    • Juggler69

      Who are you and where did you affair happen etc?

  • Gayz

    Bring on the gays ! They actually only want to be part of the sanctity of marriage – not destroy it like this straight man has done ! He he he have lordy on me !