Are lawyers dodgier than politicians? Ctd

Continuing my series about lawyers being dogier than politicians is this news from Australia:

SEVENTY-SIX solicitors were convicted of criminal offences in one year – including 12 who were guilty of serious charges including child pornography, indecent assault and fraud.

But most continue to practise.

Another 12 solicitors and two barristers became bankrupt and two solicitors faced tax offences, according to annual reports for the last financial year. Those 64 solicitors convicted of lesser offences faced mainly driving charges, including drink-driving.

For the past decade, lawyers have been required to disclose charges, bankruptcies and other ”show-cause events” to their professional associations. The number of those convicted of serious offences has fallen from a high of 23 two years ago.

Last financial year, only four of the solicitors on serious charges and one who committed a tax offence had their practising certificate suspended and the Law Society took no further action in the other 85 cases, deciding ”the offence did not impact upon the solicitor’s fitness to practise”.

But, says the Legal Services Commissioner, Steve Mark, for legal reasons it is very difficult for the professional bodies to stop lawyers from practising. In 2004, a High Court case ruled a solicitor convicted of aggravated child sexual assault be allowed to practice, finding that his conviction did not amount to professional misconduct.

I’d say the evidence is pretty conclusive that lawyers are dodgier than politicians.


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  • A liarwyer or a pollie don’t know the truth means. Just ask any bent judge or cop.

  • bristol

    “I’d say the evidence is pretty conclusive that lawyers are dodgier than politicians.”
    And a lot of politicians are lawyers…. gulp… double whammy!!

  • Dave

    this is a bit silly cameron. how big was your sample?

  • Bunswalla

    A lawyer calls his colleague into his office to explain a dilemma. “A client just popped in to pay an account for $100 but when I opened the envelope there were 2 $100 bills and not one.”
    Colleague: So what’s your dilemma?
    First lawyer: Do I have to declare the other $100 on my income tax?

  • Bunswalla

    A person looking to buy a business needs some advice, and calls in to a lawyer’s office to ask how much he charges.
    Lawyer: I charge $500 to answer 3 questions
    Punter: $500? That’s a bit steep isn’t it?
    Lawyer: You’re probably right – what’s your third question?

  • Bunswalla

    What’s the difference between a disaster and a catastrophe?
    A disaster is when a cruise ship with 3,000 lawyers on board for a convention, sinks in the Waitemata Harbour.
    A catastrophe is when they can all swim.

  • GPT

    Where are you stats for Australian politicians?  How many lawyers are there in Australia?