Are record labels making revenue from unsigned artists?

Interesting article at the tactics of Sony Music Entertainment who appear to be making money off unsigned artists by claiming copyright breaches through Youtube.

So, in October we uploaded a video for a track called Con Amor Siempre. It gained a modest number of views and we were fairly happy, until one day we logged into our account and were told our video had been blocked in Germany because the video contained content owned by an entity called SME.

SME stands for Sony Music Entertainment and the content ID system had mistakenly identified our track as been owned or partially owned by them. Not only was the video blocked in Germany, but an advert had been displayed on our video’s YouTube page and an iTunes link below for an artist and track that had nothing to do with our music.

REad the rest of the post to see what these artists had to go through to remove the illegal claim from SME. it was only major embarrassment through Twitter, Blog posts and Facebook that shamed SME into relinquishing their false claim. I do wonder though how much money they made off the false claim.

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  • Anonymous

    Legal distribution of free material poses a serious threat to the music industry’s business model. It wouldn’t surprize me if the industry was targeting unsigned bands in an effort to stiffle their popularity (Popularity which could be at the expense of the industry’s bought and paid for talent).

    a) Honest mistake,  b)ad revenue theft or c)anti-competative behavior or d) b & c

  • Neon Indian appears to be under attack! If you try to embed Neon Indian videos, YouTube’s system will report that Sony Music Entertainment owns Neon Indian! WTF!