Awesome news on Climate Change

Looks like global warming has its benefits after all:

Human emissions of carbon dioxide will defer the next Ice Age, say scientists.

The last Ice Age ended about 11,500 years ago, and when the next one should begin has not been entirely clear.

Researchers used data on the Earth’s orbit and other things to find the historical warm interglacial period that looks most like the current one.

In the journal Nature Geoscience, they write that the next Ice Age would begin within 1,500 years – but emissions have been so high that it will not.

“At current levels of CO2, even if emissions stopped now we’d probably have a long interglacial duration determined by whatever long-term processes could kick in and bring [atmospheric] CO2 down,” said Luke Skinner from Cambridge University.

Dr Skinner’s group – which also included scientists from University College London, the University of Florida and Norway’s Bergen University – calculates that the atmospheric concentration of CO2 would have to fall below about 240 parts per million (ppm) before the glaciation could begin.

The current level is around 390ppm.

Other research groups have shown that even if emissions were shut off instantly, concentrations would remain elevated for at least 1,000 years, with enough heat stored in the oceans potentially to cause significant melting of polar ice and sea level rise.

Great news, I’d rather be hot than have an ice age….funny thing is the warmist would rather we all freeze, not that I care anyway it is a whole 1500 years way.


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  • Willsomers101

    We will have run out of  oil , but not coal by then, anyway.

  • Dr Wang

    Excellent! That’s the “science settled” then.

  • 6sn7gta

    here’s further comments from Doctor Skinner on this subject in discussion on the BBC Today programme,  courtesy of

    “The thing to underline” Dr. Skinner told the Today interviewer,
    is that,  ”..if anything, the study kind of suggests that the climate
    system is quite sensitive to small changes in co2, let alone the huge
    change that we’ve been responsible for in the last 200 years.”

    The study’s conclusion is aimed directly at a popular climate denial
    shibboleth, that somehow the long, slow orbital processes that initiate
    ice ages could save us from the consequences of the current emissions.

    “…it is important to reiterate that the current insolation forcing
    and lack of new ice growth mean that orbital-scale variability will not
    be moderating the effects of anthropogenically induced global warming.

  • Rick Rowling

    Hang on, of you disagree that AGM is happening, you can’t then say that it is, but it’s good.