Back to the Chateau

The lumpenproletariat of Christchurch Central decided to send Lord Burns back to his country seat in Marlborough.

He has decided to return permanently, and is supposedly cultivating the finest range of chardonnay for socialists New Zealand has ever seen.

Former Christchurch Central MP Brendon Burns has brought down the curtain on his political career, opening the way for new blood to challenge for the seat, which the party believes it can win back in 2014.

Burns, who lost the seat to National’s Nicky Wagner by 47 votes at the 2011 election, said he had told Labour leader David Shearer and party president Moira Coatsworth earlier this month and formally told his local electorate committee last week that he would not seek the nomination again.

Asked if that was the end of politics for him, he said: “Yes, I think it is”.


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  • Gazzaw

    Chateau Shearer perhaps. Best served from a cask at room temperature.

  • Guest

    In fairness to Burns, his wine will taste better given there’s no behaviour of sour grapes.

    Not like Chateau Sepuloni, whose bottle has clearly been corked.

  • Mort

    served his 9 years, so can relax on the public tit with free flights, and generous superannuation packages. Whether his vineyard makes decent wine or not, he’ll do alright for himself.
    Is he making noises about an ambassadorial or trade committee post to pad out the earnings a bit more too?

    • Dr Wang

      “He had planned to stay in Parliament for three terms, so the next term would have been his last anyway”

      That was his plan Mort, but…nek minnit! Surely you’re not suggesting that was his intention, to feather his own nest, not to serve the taxpayers who had voted him in???

      • You say that like it’s something unusual in parliament..

  • AnonWgtn

    Umm – is he not on track for Lianne Dalziel’s seat when she and Jim Anderton take over as Mayor and Mayoress of Christchurch ?