Brisbane MP channels Lockwood

Oh dear it looks like a Brisbane MP is channeling Lockwood Smith’s 2008 immigrant “small hands” gaffe:

The head of Australia’s peak migrant body has hit back at Brisbane MP Teresa Gambaro‘s comments that migrants should be taught to use deodorant and queue, saying the statement had no place in modern Australia.

And she doesn’t get away with it just because she is a “wog”. Even if she is clean and uses deodorant:

“Teresa Gambaro comes from the same background as mine and we grew up being called dirty wogs,” said Pino Migliorino, chair of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils, who has Italian heritage.

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  • I hate to be a pedant, but aren’t Italians referred to as WOPS, rather than WOGS. I always thought that the latter was an acronym for Western Oriental Gentleman, referring to those from the desert regions.

    • Australians are thick, in Melbourne where I lived wogs were not only Italians but also Greeks. They also use dagos as an insult.

      One popular Melbourne joke at the time was that an Aussie tire company was going to release a special tire for the immigrant community….it was an all weather tire, dago thru the rain, dago thru the mud, they go thru the snow and when dago flat they go wop, wop, wop

      So all three are in common usage in Australia.

    • Agent BallSack

      I never knew ‘wog’ was an acronym, any clue as to what ‘wop’ means? 

  • John Q Public

    Um, I think she was probably talking about Sub-Continentals. 7 out of 10 of them seem to have not heard about the quaint daily custom of showering.

  • kehua

    Nope , she would be talking about the likes of the Ugandan and Korean meatworkers employed by Swifts at Meat plants all over Aus, they are brought in under quota systems to keep down costs and  to recipricate Trade Deals. The majority of them have no concept of hygiene as we or Aussies know it and the Aussie/Kiwi workers refuse to share ablution facilities with them after having these `imports shit in handbasins and hoik anywhere they feel like, they are also commonly seen pissing whilst they work on the `chain` as their bonus payments are such anytime spent away from the job costs them dearly. Think about that next time you tuck into a steak in Australia.