Bull Dust!

Good grief, all the wailing about Ben Hana aka Blanket Man is ridiculous. None more so than this headline from Stuff.

It is complete rubbish. What he meant to people was he was a boozed, smelly, indigent man with clothing issues. He means more in death to people like Grant Robertson and Jacinda Ardern who can see political opportunity, but the reality is that to most people he was simply a nuisance.

How do I know this? ….Grant Robertson put up a post at 6:24pm about Blanket Man…there wasn’t a single comment until 11:11pm. That’s how much Blanket Man means to people….No comments on a Labour party MP blog for nearly 5 hours.


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  • Arnold

    Totally agree Cam…as a wellingtonian and a Maori, it was a bloody horrible sight to be flashed as we walked across the road due his blanket had fallen away at strategic points, explaining to my kids was harder. I also had the misfortune when i ran into him, or him run into me more the truth, when he was pissed out of his tree wandering dow3n the street. While i knowledge the sad things that got him into this state, i regarded the bucket man as an icon as he was a really talented guy with his knitting and drawings…blanket man …well RIP but please people keep in the real world

  • Completely agree – honestly I was surprised at the number of people on your post yesterday that held him up as some kind of icon or legend. He was nothing of the sort.

    He was supposedly an intelligent man who refused all help to overcome his issues & addiction, who, while was not usually offensive, hung out with really offensive people who were known to cause a lot of disruptions in the CBD.

    ‘Every dead man was a good bastard’ does not & should not apply to Ben Hana. He was a smelly wastrel who chose to succumb to substance addiction & a life on the street rather than man up and be a husband & father to his children.

    Mental health issues are not relevant here – he had no desire to get better.

    Of course it is very sad that he lost the plot after apparently accidentally killing a friend in a road accident. But his choice to ignore his responsibilities – namely his children, is not. 

    His life & death is just another depressing example of the hurt & void left by some people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions

  • NoLongerAJafa

    In America they are called bums

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe the suggestion of a memorial to an unpleasant nuisance. His supporters say he never hurt anyone. Well, no, he didn’t physically attack anyone, but you just had to see how little children were scared by his incoherent shouting and nudity to see this was no person that should be lauded in any way.