Bureaucrat of the week

Fresh from his ‘bullshit castle’ speech the new Police Commission Peter Marshall is getting the lard arses at HQ out on the beat. Check out this awesome quote from his deputy.

“Our staff will always confront bad people and do tough things and we just need to remind ourselves of that.”

Sounds like Howard Broads containment policy is out the window.


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  • Gazzaw

    For once an excellent two page feature in Saturday’s Pravda on Peter Marshall & the new management team. What a breath of fresh air after political puppet Howard Broad. I really hope that Ann Tolley can keep up the impetus and build on ‘Crusher’ Collins outstanding work.   

  • Anonymous

    Its great to have a Auckland copper back at the helm, the last two have been labour party muppets.  

    He’ll have a few wombles in Wellington scared that they might have to do some work.

  • Vikingonmars

    Oh he will continue to attack the weak and the meek and the hard arses will continue on as ususal. Shooting a drunk is hardly a good start.
    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10780323  They didn’t have to but chose to. Now if you or I did that instead of moving away to a safe place we would be in the same place as a few others have been in the last couple of years.
    That is at least no.3 that I can recall where the copper could have retreated and waited but decided that his patience had run out and death for a person was better than saftey.

    • Anonymous

      Pepper spray didn’t work, tazer didn’t work, gun did. When an animal is out of control, you shoot it. Retreating is a load of nonsense, I don’t want our police force to turn into a bunch of standoffish pussies. Standing back could mean the life of an innocent person, to hell with the offender.

      Also, go back to the Herald and read again, the piece of shit isnt dead. Don’t be a whingeing leftie next you’ll be defending the Turangi rapist.

    • Lofty

      You have conveniently forgotton when a poor dairy owner died of wounds inflicted by a robber, when the police would not go to his assistance due to seeking permissions, following SOPs etc, not wanting to put themselves at risk, even though individual coppers were willing to they could not because of stupid “regulations” prohibiting doing what they are paid & duty bound to do.
       Thank God we have someone actually in control and with the gonads to change the clusterfuck that our venerable poilceforce had become under the labour party governance and there lackey Howard Braod.

    • Gazzaw

      My only problem is that the cops used two bullets when they could have got away with one just a tad well more directed.  Hopefully the days of our cops standing back are over and done with.

      With a bit of luck he won’t be occupying a precious South Auckland hospital bed for too long either. Fucken waste of oxygen.

    • Thorn

      Make sure you don’t call the cops when you are being threatened by weak and meek  bakgwei.

  • Steve and Monique

    It’s all well and good for some do-gooder who is likely to never be faced with a threat like that to shout the odds. You would soon be changing your tune if this clown went and hurt/killed a member of your family because he decided to go AWOL with a spade. You would be complaining the cops hadn’t done enough!  Actions have consequences. If we keep carrying on like we are, the crims will end up running the place and noone will be safe, but hey, so long as we don’t shoot the poor little defenceless crim right? I hardly think this drunken dropkick is going to die from a shot to the leg. Can’t say he wasn’t warned (3 times wasn’t it?) Don’t make him out to be the innocent one, cops were called for a reason.