Bureaucrat of the Week

Bureaucrat of the Week is awarded to Police Commissioner Peter Marshall:

A restructure of police headquarters has helped reduce the disconnection between frontline police and the top brass sitting in “bullshit castle”, Police Commissioner Peter Marshall says.

Good on him for recognising a bullshit castle from on top of it. A great appointment by Crusher.


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  • Sorry, can’t agree with Crusher on this.

    Women in the Police force is a bad idea, and I totally disagree with government policy of “changing culture” to accommodate this fad.

    • I suppose you think they should be at home, barefoot and pregnant

      • ConwayCaptain

        They are WO and on the DPB, Hoising allowance,Working for families etc etc etc.

      • They should not be putting policemen at risk by reducing their ability to defend against violence.

        For the sake of some some Marxist Feminist crap its just not worth endangering policemen any more than they are currently endangered.

    • Gazzaw

      Explain please.

      • Women do not have the body strength to defend against violent lawbreakers. Two policemen are worth three times as much as one policeman and one police woman.

        In the case of a police woman and policeman, not only does the policeman have to defend himself, he has to defend the policewoman as well.

        Why do you think there was the big rush to introduce tasers?

      • Paul Rain

        While I think Redbaiter is overstating the case a bit, the fact is that the distributions of physical characteristics that enable a police officer to prevent a criminal from causing harm to themselves or others are considerably lower for women than men. Given that violent criminals are overwhelmingly male, and tend to be on the right hand side of the distribution of height and weight (even just for males), it makes sense that police officers should have to meet some minimum requirements.

        Of course, in today’s society, where we expect not just equal opportunity between groups regardless of the underlying distribution of ability between groups, but actual equality in results, this sensible solution isn’t feasible. But it is necessary if we really want to be protected by the best possible police force.

      • Paul Rain

        And this gives us results that may be undesirable, like women police officers being more likely to accidentally shoot people. Being (rationally) less confident in your ability to handle yourself against a criminal up close will do that.

      • What rubbish from redbaiter. It takes the same amount of strength, about 3lbs to pull the trigger of a glock.

      • Paul Rain

        At the risk of being facetious, Glock triggers (for New York cops, who often shoot dangerous but politically correct types) actually run as high as 12 pounds. Obviously I have no problem with criminals having their careers terminated, but the most important number in law enforcement shootings is 21 feet. If you can’t count on being able to rapidly draw and fire at someone who suddenly goes from not a threat to a threat- and there is nowhere in the world where police always operate ten metres away from potential threats- then you need to be capable of defending yourself against a typical crook until your mates (who better not be ectomorphic dwarfs) can pile on. That means being a slightly larger than average male, or a pretty well built, tallish female.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Never liked glocks. My personal preference is the FN herstal FNP9.
        Fits 16 in the mag and one up the spout.
        A skinny little shit like me can bowl over a beer can at 100 m one handed every time. Nylon chassis , adjustable pull, 300 rounds non stop, no jams, perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently the term ‘bullshit castle’ was originally coined by Royal Air Force people referring to the Air Ministry in London.

  • Kimbo

    Good on him for making changes.

    However, unless he has been given a preview of “the annual update from PricewaterhouseCoopers…on the police response to Dame Margaret Bazley’s commission of inquiry in 2007”, then, due to self-interest he is not really the right person to be asking or commenting. Instead, let’s hear what the cops have to say.

    Mind you, cops are human beings too, subject to the same selfish concerns that can afflict teachers and wharfies…

  • go on, make our day

    and Peter Marshall could easily become ‘Beaurocrat of the Century’, if he were to recognise and suggest implementation of the Castle Doctrine.

    What a better place this slowly decaying country would become….

  • There should have been two male cops at this event, not a male and a female.

    The female cop’s presence just made it more dangerous and difficult for the male cop.

    There are differences in the sexes, and law enforcement is not  a women’s job.

  • There should have been two male cops at this disturbance, not one male and one female.


    The presence of the female cop just made it more difficult and more dangerous for the male cop.

    There are differences between the sexes, and front line law enforcement is not a job for women.