Cameron tells the Argies to nick off


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The Prime Minister said that he had spent a “serious amount of time” ensuring the security of the Falklands amid renewed Argentinian hostility over the islands.

Last month, the Argentinian president called for urgent talks over the future of the islands and South American countries banned ships from the Falklands using their ports.

The Duke of Cambridge will begin a tour of duty in the islands next month and the Argentineans appear to be determined to use the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War this year to “sabre rattle”.

However, Mr Cameron said that he would never surrender the islands.

“We must never put them at risk,” he said. “We must make sure our defences are strong, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. There’s no question of negotiating; there’s no question of the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. We also need to build strong relationships with all countries in South America, and we’re doing that.”

The American’s have offered to mediate between Britain and Argentina, but given David Cameron’s statements there is little point. The Argies can just nick off out of the Falklands.

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  • ConwayCaptain

    Any UK Govt that loast the Falklands woukd be out of power for a least a generation.  However Cameron has stripped the UK forces to such an extenet they would be hard pressed to defend them.

    However the Argie forces are in an even worse satet but the UK has  a nuke on patrol + 4 Typhoons and a battalion of troops which is a damn site more than they had in 82

    • ConwayCaptain

       BTW some one I was at Conway with had done the Perisher and I said that Conqueror was the only nuke to have sunk another ship.

      His reply was “That you know of”

      • Tony

        and once more in English pse?  :-)

      • Pharmachick


  • ConwayCaptain

     I assume you want to know waht The Perisher is???

    It is the UK Submarine Commanders course and is considered to be the hardest command course in the world.  You fail you are out of the Submarine Service but can still wear your dolphins.

    The Dutch do a parallel course for conventional subs and the Brits do the Nukes the USN send people on it.  There was a v good programme on the Nat Geo Channel recemtly.

    Conway was my pre sea cadet school and the person I knew had been 1st Lt of Swiftsure ( a nuke) and C/O of one of the old Oberon Class

    • Agent BallSack

      As others here have said, thanks for your seafaring knowledge lately – Yourself and Greg have been able to add real value to the posts regarding the Rena.

    • Tony

      Thanks I am happy with Perisher – i spent time on OSIRUS and OVENS back in the ’80s. No – I couldn’t quite make out yr comment wrt Conqueror’s other exploits – and was being a little cheeky!


    • Guest

      You must be salivating over the new Astute class – a quantum leap over the highly competent Swiftsures and Trafalgars.

      I understand the Trafalgars were so quiet with the pump jet engines, the US have adopted them for their Virginia Class subs.

      I imagine as we speak, there are around 3-4 Astutes/Trafalgars in the Southern Atlantic, some perched a hundred miles off the Argentinian coast, waiting for the orders to unleash three dozen Tomahawk missiles and a complement of Harpoons . Most of the Argentinian Navy and one or two forward air force bases like Julian and Gallegos could expect to be dispatched in short order by three RN boats.

      Of course, the RN doesn’t actually need 3-4 boats parked off the coast of Argentina. They only need the Argentinians to believe that there are 3-4 boats there….

      Highly impressed you went through Perisher. I did a double take at that. 

      (Janes Fighting Ships was my bible during my University days…) I still have a hardback copy of the 1990 Fighting Ships edition somewhere, somewhat unromantic when they converted to web editions.

      • ConwayCaptain

        I didnt do the Perisher was never in the RN or RNZN.  An ex Conway cadet who was a few terms senior to me did the Perisher

    • Pharmachick

      Not so long ago, I had an ex-Nuclear Sub Engineer (US, ranked) in my lab for a couple of years. He had some interesting stories that he would tell when a few drinks down ;-) 

  • TCrwdb

    Yes, whilst the UK defence forces have been run down and without the Harriers the UK have almost zero ability to reclaim per 1982, the Argentines still have minimal ability to project power.  Seaborne assault would be too high-risk for them given the presence of a UK nuke submarine, and the Mt Pleasant based air is enough to thwart an airborne assault.  The best the Argentines could do is land special forces and engage a guerrilla style campaign, but with 10+ years constant experience in Iraq/Afghanistan/Horn of Africa, UK special forces would sort these guys out very quickly.

    • Guest

      Yes, the Brits can see the saber rattling from the Argies this time. They will have deployed discretely a battery of Starstreak men, and who knows maybe even something a bit more substantial like a Rapier unit.

  • Thorn

    The Falkland Islanders want to remain British and so they shall. The Argies have won even fewer battles than the French so best they STFU.

    • Jose

      Islanders are not considered britishit at all, if you look closer.
      Argentina has a lot of evidence to demostrate Malvinas is theirs, but as Uk gob wash the people´s head i will be dificult to understand.
      Sincerly, no a single nation in the world, except their allies consider the islands Britsh, but Argentinian.

      • Ploughman

        Not so Jose. If you want to be pedantic the French could have a claim as it was their fishermen who discovered the island.  They were from Saint Malo, hence the name Argentinians give them – Malvinas.  Under international law, the UN Charter, the Atlantic Declaration, or any rule of law you like to quote the Falklands belong to Britain owing to occupation and the fact that the residents wish to remain British.
        The Argentine Prime Minister, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, needs to stop making such inflammatory speeches.  What a twit. Only the Argentine believes the Falklands are theirs.  The rest of South America couldn’t give a stuff.  They are only being polite to a neighbour they don’t want to offend in case they get involved in a war they would have to win (yet again!).   Chile might help out the Brits as they did last time just to get some practise against a traditional enemy. But they are probably too busy getting rich, just as Brazil is.  These countries have far better things to do than get involved in a crazy mass delusion
        Argentina must not risk war. It is in far worse condition than it was last time, while Britain is in far better.  Because they have much better armaments this time they may destroy Argentine military assets whilst they are in harbour rather than relying solely on subs.  

      • Jose

        I wish i could talk english good enough to reply you best. 
        Falklands as you call them were invaded, there were people in the island before the brits, since that point your argument is invalid. Brit were allways millitary superior, so we couldnt defend that time. There is a mail written by Rosas, offerening to forgive the english occupation if brits forgive our money debt.
        Of course they do what the want as ussual, ussing the force,
        Winner wrote the story and make their own laws.
        Dont you fin curious falklands were inhabitated 600km from the Argentina´s coast? its ridiculous. Malvinas were discovered in 1520 by Magallanes, it not was until 1960 that were named by uk as falkland sond.

        Here is a list of examples like Malvinas, begining from Peñol de Gibraltares.

        Territorios de Ultramar que poseen un autogobierno importanteAnguila
        Islas Vírgenes Británicas
        Islas Caimán
        Gibraltar (reclamado por España como parte de su territorio)
        Islas Turcas y Caicos[editar]Otros Territorios de UltramarTerritorio Antártico Británico (reclamado por Chile y Argentina)Territorio Británico en el Océano ÍndicoIslas Malvinas (reclamadas por Argentina)Pitcairn (reclamado por Chile)Santa Elena (incluyendo las dependencias de Isla Ascensión y Tristán da Cunha)Georgia del Sur e Islas Sandwich del Sur (reclamadas por Argentina)Akrotiri y Dhekelia

        The autoself autodetermination is no sense, since that people were setted there, if i go to great britan and make a camp, Does it means tha portion of land is from Argentina , because i want? We ll see what Brits say about autodetermination to Escocia.

        About the people in the island before brits:
        There were as example Gaucho Rodriguez who was the only man who try to defend the islands. Population was 26 that time.

        So you can occupy the islands only because of millitary force, but lies? that is the really fact.

        Sorry for the english, i live in Argentina as you know my native language is spanish,

        Goog bye, hope you think about it.

      • Jose

        all you have to say is autodetermination, thats all.

      • You want them Jose, come get them.

      • Jose

        You dirty empire will be perish, just wait… world has known all your atrocities. Then Malvinas will be Argentinian again, as the allways meant to be.
        I will allways be proud of my ancestors, yours are all thiefs and assasins. Have a nice day, pirat

  • Michael Duke

    An invasion would be hard to pull off but significantly easier than the task of kicking them out if it did happen.  No Harriers and no carriers to speak of means any fleet that went down that way would be subject to constant harassment by Argentine aircraft.  The UK would have to play hardball and start attacking the mainland with missiles from subs and/or surface vessels to force the Argies out of the Falklands. 

    • ConwayCaptain


      A friend of mibe was SBS.  When the Argies invaded the Falklands he disappeared and returned a few weeks after they surrendered.  He never tells what he has done.

  • ConwayCaptain

    To Agent Ballsack

    Thank you for your compliments.  My Mother and Father served in the RN in WW2 and Mum was a cypher officer on Lord Louis’ staff in Ceylon and I have a tablecloth emroidered by Mum, she had people sign it and then embroidered over the signatures.  One is Louis Mountbatten and one is Sir Martin Dunbar Naismith.  He won a VC in the Dardanelles in subs.  He was Flag Officer in Command London during the planning of Operation Pluto (Pipe Line Under The Ocean) to get fuel to the D Day beaches.

    My Dad was one of the first into Changi on the Liberation of Singapore.

    I had the privilege to pipe Lord Louis aboard when he visited my Sea Cadet Unit before I went to HMS Conway.

    In 1979 I was in Cardiff when Lord Louis was killed.  I was in my cabin working on cargo plans and the seamens delegate came into my cabin.he had no times for the Royals and there were tears rolling down his face.  His words were : “The bloody Irish have killed Mountbatten, the Best of the [email protected]#$%g  lot.”

    • Tony

      My brother was flying Sea Kings in 814 SQN FAA at that time.

    • anonymous

      Thank your Dad, darling …
      an (older) family member was there, in Changi.

      • ConwayCaptain

        NHi anonymous

        Dad died 10 years ago and Mum came home on one of the Strath ships with ex Changi prisoners.

        The Capt Superintendent of my cadet ship was also one of the 1st in.

        Dad would have been 100 this year

  • Mark

    Don’t forget that those murderous bastards also killed Nicholas Knatchbull and Paul Maxwell. Scum.

  • Mark

    Thomas McMahon will pay someday. Karma’s a bitch.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If anyone wants to know how hard The Perisher is more people have won the VC than have compeleted The Perisher.  Only just over 1000 have passed it since it was implemenmted in 1917 or thereabouts.

  • Troy

    I think the Brits have got it all wrong – why the fuck they want to retain a southern outpost of land that does fuck all to contribute to the british economy is perplexing.  Do they really also want to lose more brits in a war they don’t really need to be involved in?  Let the argie bargies have it, the rest of the world really doesn’t give a fuck.

    • ConwayCaptain

      The Brits have been there for over 150 years and the Spanish and Srgies lived there before that but left.

      The islanders want to stay Brit as who would want to be governed by the Argies

      Also there are HUGE fishing grounds there and oil which has been found.

      ASlso with their posn they have rights to areas of antarctica and these will come up for negotiations in the future.

      Plus they are stragetically placed to guard the passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific which is used by nuke subs.

      • Guest

        Correct. And now that Britain is going to be without aircraft carrier sfor 8-10 years, having islands that have airstrips their bombers/fighters/logistical tail/allies can use is all the more important.

      • Troy

        Fair comments, but still don’t think its worth going to war over – resources over more dead people?  don’t think so.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Brits and Aussies are buying the Joint Strike Fighter which is ESCALATING in cost to horrendous proportions and then US cutting its defence budget by 10% over tye next 10 years, one wonders whether the JSF will go the way of the TSR2 and others.

    If so the Brits wil be able to get FA18 Hornets off the peg.

    Go to the UK Navy News web site and in todays edition the RN has pilots flying aircraft off the USNs super carriers operating over afghanistan.  The planes not the carriers!!!

  • Ploughman

    The UN should insist that both Argentina and the UK obey their pledge to observe the UN Charter: Viz: To settle their international disputes by peaceful means and not use threats or use of force.  And all parties are bound to observe the rights of self-determination of the resident population.

    So, stop the sabre rattling on both sides and get down to determining the wishes of the resident population.  Their wishes must be final.

    Many of the posts to this blog offend the UN principles and really only inflame unnecessary and useless passions.

  • Col

    The UN can fuck off, too.

  • Ploughman

    Let’s analyse that perceptive comment by Col: the UN = the EC (which is really pissed off with the UK) plus the  US (which regards the UK as an anachronistic and embarrassing pain in the butt) plus the Mercosur (which has already shown where its sympathies) lie plus the rest of the world (which still remembers Britain’s naughty doings in the age of Empire).  And even Scotland may stand by the UN!
    So, the UK has to tread carefully and use the UN to its advantage – the UK is in the moral and legal right in this issue – and not rattle sabres that aren’t anything like as effective as they once were.
    Cameron’s approach is inflammatory and may lead to disaster.  My approach is based on international law and is sure to succeed.

    • ConwayCaptain

      I think that the time is cominmg when Britain will tell the EU to get stuffed.  They can see that the EU is going down the gurgler.  As for Scotland Wee Eck doesnt want a referndum and Cameron has called his bluff.  He knows that many of the Scots know that they cant afford it. 

      The US under Obama thinks that the UK is an acronysm but depends on its support in many thing and knows that it is a relaible ally.

      Would you want the Poison Dwarf or Die Valkurie on your side let alone Kirchner

  • Ploughman

    Captain – you are right that the UK will probably try to leave the EU, but it is now utterly dependent on its mutual trade, so it can’t.   In any case, there is little difference in the economic situation of the UK and the EU as both are suffering from the same misgovernment as all western countries – trying to live on borrowed money saved by people who are often much poorer than any European or American.  The people involved are Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.  If they say “jump”, all of us will have to jump.  
    As for foreign policy and reliability as allies – Europe, the US and the UK have all had a dreadful record over the last 100 years (or more).  NZ hasn’t done too badly by maintaining an independent foreign policy based on law and the UN Charter.  We aim to have the nations of the world on our side.  So far, it has worked brilliantly.

  • Piss_off_u_dirty_argie_cunts

    The argies got a kicking last time and if they want another arse whooping then bring it on.  I’ll even sign up to shoot the dirty cunts myself.  Do they not know we already have a nuclear sub in those waters already.  Blow the cunts back to the stone age.

    • Jose

      You speak like a 5 year old boy. Try to think