Capitalism enables equality

Now you might think I am being cheeky with the headline, but check what Andrew Sullivan has to say about equality…from a gay perspective on the difference between the private sector and the government in enhancing equality.

One of the oldest arguments we had in the old gay rights movement – back when it was a monolithic captive of the New Left – was whether discrimination could be countered more effectively by private choice or public mandate. My view was that the government should not discriminate against gay citizens in any way, but that the private sector and anti-gay religious communities should retain more freedom. The market would eventually win over bigotry, I argued. That’s me and my libertarianism.

The consensus view was that federal anti-discrimination laws were much more vital, and the top priority of the Human Rights Campaign. That was in 1988. Such a federal law remains out of reach more than two decades later, despite massive support from the general public. But without such a law, we’ve been able to test whether the free market logic of non-discrimination can work. Today, we hear this news:

For the first time ever, all 100 firms on Fortune’s Best Companies To Work For list this year have non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation.

This is not because they are somehow being noble. It is because they are serving their shareholders by employing the absolutely best people for the jobs they have and do not want to miss someone’s talents because of something irrelevant like sexual orientation.

Hence capitalism enables equality. And the last entity to get with the program is the government.


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  • Hakim of Phut

    Its not the Fortune 100 richest companies, its the 100 firms on Fortune’s “Best Companies To Work For” list. I  guess they were selected  because they have non discrimination policies.
    A self selecting list.
    And this was from a country that gave women the vote in 1920 and didnt abolish slavery ( reluctantly) till 1865 !  Capitalism yeah right

  • “Equality” is a delusional left wing concept. There will never really be any such thing.

    As for applying it to queers, this is just political bullshit designed to tie it to the civil rights movement. Wrong. It’s not a race issue, its not in any way similar to a race issue, and never has been.

    Queers lost my sympathy when they started enacting laws to limit free speech and direct people how to think. To hell with that fascist crap.

    I would not sign any employment contract that demanded subjugation to any PC dictates on feminism, or racism, or so called homophobia or any of that garbage.

    How about I just do my job well?

    • Alex

      “Queers lost my sympathy when they started enacting laws to limit free
      speech and direct people how to think. To hell with that fascist crap.”

      Tell me what this law is in NZ?  (Section and Act name required please).

      “Queers” as you charmingly call us just want to be left the fuck alone, and stop having sexually repressed males physically and verbally attacking us.  We want the same sexually repressed males to stop attacking our kids, as if its the kids “fault” their parents are of the same sex.  This what we mean by “equality”.   

      You need to wake up: the “gay agenda” (as with the race and gender agenda) has been highjacked by the Left wing — they have used it as a Trojan Horse by which to get in and implement their anti-freedom policies in other areas.  So stop attacking gays and lesbians.   

      It has been a HUGE loss to the right wing movement in Anglo-Saxon countries that (unlike their northern European classical liberal and conservative kin) that they haven’t cottoned on that many “queers” exemplify the very values that conservatives stand for — limited government; obeying the law; getting well educated; and working hard in order to be successful, independent, and provide for our families.  Many of my gay friends are paying for their nieces and nephews’ tertiary education; the same gay men frequently are used as unpaid baby sitters when the parents want “time out”.     

      But because of bigots claiming to be “conservatives”, the gays and lesbians have taken the Left bait and dismiss anything any right wing party as full of nasty angry twats. It’s a great shame because it doesn’t have to be this way.  Some of the most vociferous supporters of Margaret Thatcher were gay men.  Why was that?  Because Thatcher stood for a world where success was based on how hard you work, and did not depend on gender or sexual orientation.    

      Further, “queers” do take grave exception to being told we’re evil incarnate and destroying family values when we see that it is almost entirely heteros who are causing the social problems that beset this great country.  We are not breeding unwanted children by multiple partners, expecting the State to look after those children; failing to instill those children with discipline and morals; and are not abusing those children. 

      As someone who doesn’t intend to have children, I bloody well hate the cheek of having to surrender my hard earned income to pay for the mess heteros are creating. I can tell you that I’m very much not alone — many gay and lesbians feel the same. 

      So turn your guns on the REAL enemy — the Left wing’s support of unbridled irresponsibility and welfare dependance.

      • “”Queers” as you charmingly call us just want to be left the fuck alone,
        and stop having sexually repressed males physically and verbally
        attacking us.”

        Stopped reading right there. Anyone who has a counter view to that of scrotum sucking liberals is automatically “sexually repressed”??

        Shame you didn’t have half an argument rather than an apparent compulsion to make nasty false allegations.

        So many of you queers have absolutely no ethics. You look like one such.

      • Alex

        @c7e55b3fd3ca1267a58ee1904493bd18:disqus  Redbaiter: you are the person who does the most amount of libeling around here.  Anyone who disagrees with you is personally abused, and you are the foremost in making “nasty false allegations” (such as that I have no ethics).

        It’s funny: that sentence you take such offence at, wasn’t aimed at you. It was aimed at, for example, the criminal who attacked an acquaintance of mine at 3 am in Wellington, and kicked him in the head repeatedly while saying “dirty faggot”. 

        Are you offended by the “sexually repressed” or the “physically and verbally abused” part? 

      • Thorn

        Alex, I agree with you. 

      • EX Navy Greg

        Alex, I have several friends in the gay and lesbian community, I am hearing the same from them .I fully support your comments.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t really agree with the whole gay thing, that’s just me and my old fashioned values. I don’t ram it down peoples throats, and I don’t discriminate against gay people, or treat them differently. However, I generally agree with what you’ve said Alex. Redbaiter is an extreme right winger, I wouldn’t bother taking too much motice of what he says, you’ll never agree with each other.

  • Urban Redneck

    I’m unimpressed by Mr Sullivan . .  a pseudo-conservative who (along with those other two quislings, David Brooks & David Frum) has managed to eek out a career by appearing on left-wing news and talk shows trashing genuine conservatives like Reagan & Palin.

    • Super Guest

      Using Palin, a washed up do-nothing who does more harm to conservatism than good, in the same sentence as Reagan, the man who defeated the Soviet Union, fixed the global economy and ushered in 30 years of economic growth should be a crime.

      • Alex


  • “appearing on left-wing news and talk shows trashing genuine conservatives like Reagan & Palin.”

    There is no shortage of such arseholes.

    In fact, most of NZ’s so called “right wing” blogosphere would qualify.

  • Fozzie61

    “trashing genuine conservatives like Reagan & Palin”
    oops I threw up in my mouth a little then ….

  • Peter Wilson

    Capitalism certainly brings equality, but the argument might be: how? The cynic in me suspects those top Fortune company are supportive of gays etc, NOT because it might improve their bottom line. Rather, it is the easiest way to avoid lawsuits resulting from discriminatory workplace.practises. Embracing the enemy, although a happy by product is that we’ve discovered gays etc can work just as well as anyone else.

  • Super Guest

    I knew this post would bring out the nuts. And the left wingers.

    • In your case the both.

      • Super Guest


    • Anonymous

      One of Kyle Chapmans mates perhaps?

  • “that sentence you take such offence at, wasn’t aimed at you.”

    Who cares who its personally aimed at. It’s a smear that needn’t be made if you have a real argument.

    As for your allegations of “abuse”. get a fucking life. You liberals and queers have turned the term into a label for anyone expression of opinion that you disagree with, and as a means to silence those who do.

    Its typical of the perversion of language that underpins your pathetic political offensive, such as “gay” and your other favourite word “homophobia”, a made up medical condition that does not exist and never has existed. That’s what I mean by lacking ethics. You have no honour, and no care for truth.

    I once spent two days in hospital for rescuing a queer from a street beating. And yet winy little weasels like you smear me with the bigot brush just because I have different political views.

    You need to think about why resistance is growing to the homosexual push for fake “equality”. Its not bigotry, its that patience with your damn perversion of language and your push to force everyone to think like you (especially by indoctrinating school kids) is coming to an end.

    • Super Guest

      We don’t need a time machine to observe the paleoconservative mind in action. Ladies and gentleman, Redbaiter, the right’s equivalent of Colonial Viper or any of the other tinfoil hat wearers on the Standard. See, there’s homos in his soup, and socialists in his garage, that’s why he’s broke out the tinfoil.

      • Alex

        Maybe he too can see Russia from his house.

  • “Maybe he too can see Russia from his house.”

    See what I mean?

    Another worthless smear of Sarah Palin and another example of the complete lack of ethics that typifies liberal behaviour.

    • Anonymous

      Calm the fuck down you rabid nutcase.

      • Yawn… another delusional liberal blind to his own rank hypocrisy.

        Whenever they’re confronted on their position, their weak and illogical arguments are replaced by similarly weak and unintelligent attempts at smearing.

        Whenever are you going to adopt a fresh strategy? Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the old one goes nowhere today.

        More and more people are just fine with being disapproved of by PC liberals.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, you ‘re just a fucking nutcase that can’t handle people disagreeing with you. Could’nt really give a flying fuck what you assumedly think you know about everyone else.

        If you hate “Queers” so much then pull your cock out of Kyle Chapmans arse. Piss off to the Chatham Islands, doubt there’s many over there.

  • Urban Redneck

    Sarah Palin has never spoken out against homosexual sexual behaviour as I can recall, she has only committed the thought-crime of believing that marriage should be between one man and one woman. This is why I’m automatically distrustful of homosexual politicians. Their chosen sexual behaviour is paramount to their core identity and all of them to one degree or another have a lofty
    disdain for most of the societal mores and institutions I believe are
    fundamentally important. Traditional family, marriage only between man
    & woman etc.

    The problem with these homosexual activists is that they have elevated themselves to the status of super-citizens, such that they consider themselves above all reproach. The duplicity and elitism of homosexual activists is undeniable. Uttering one
    critical word to them is always met with accusations of intolerance, and no
    degree of intimidation or slander is too outrageous to achieve their
    goal of using which ever public bathroom they choose.

  • Travdog, you poor low IQ commie troll. If I “hate queers”, why would I save one from a beating? And Kyle Chapman is a left wing control freak, and therefore much more like you than me.

    I support diversity of opinion. You obviously can’t tolerate it, and have no ability to argue your case anyway.

    Its why all you’ve got is splutter and bluster when your shallow perceptions are found logically wanting.

    • Anonymous

      Still spouting the nutcase bullshit, do yourself a favour and fuck off from this blog.

      Me….left wing? holy shit, how little you know about me. Its not a requirement to be racist and homophobic to be a right winger last time i checked. The only thing you support is racism and homophobia, diversity my ass. evolve man, EVOLVE.

      Theres no need for me to argue my case, I have no case. I’m just pointing out to you what everyone else sees. Calling me a “poor low IQ commie troll” just makes me feel sorry for you.

      Cheer up angry redneck.

  • “I have no case.”

    Well, I guess even the biggest moron has to get something right sooner or later.

    That’s perfectly correct.

    You have no case.

    All you have is outrage that your pathetic faux liberal pronouncements have been exposed as hypocritical infantile cant. And you express that outrage with bluster and profanity rather than try to argue a counter position.

    And that is the whole point you see. You can’t think. You don’t have a case. You don’t even know how to make one. The disease of political correctness that has seeped so completely into the NZ psyche, has taken that ability away from you.

    (not that there was ever that much ability to take I’d guess)

    Its why you think my disagreement with current fashionable ideas on homosexuality is an expression of hatred. Its why you can’t comprehend what you read. Its why all you have got in lieu of reasoned argument is pathetic allegations of “racism” and “homophobia”. Just typical kneejerk reactions that the mindless always fall back on when their shallow propaganda induced opinions are challenged.


    Into what, a knuckle dragging goose stepping retard like you?

    No thanks. I’ll stick with reason.

    • Anonymous

      still going? so much to say, shame I only read the first 2 lines. For what it’s worth, I’m still feeling sorry for you.

      Hang in there buddy, life doesn’t have to be so grim.

  • Alex

      @d1a6c95e92d183acbd39100c7c328e4d:disqus no one is listening let alone taking you seriously; and your froth filled posts reek of the desperation of someone who realises that.

    • Anonymous

      He may have realised it, but he’s far from accepting it.

      • Anonymous

        And to add to that he called kyle Chapman a “left wing control freak”. Anyone that knows what they’re talking about knows Kyle is an extreme right wing nutjob like redbaiter. Perhaps he’s on what WO calls “vitamin P”, or just actually psychotic. Who knows, who cares.

      • Alex

        I saw the Kyle Chapman comment too.  I refrained from replying to it, because I began to suspect that RB might actually be taking the piss — that he is a parody of an over-excitable sociopath.