Ceding the left

Labour have given up. They are ceding the left, the only question that remains is to whom:

Labour isn’t commenting on the dispute.

Industrial relations spokeswoman Darien Fenton says she doesn’t think it’d be helpful to do so while negotiations are still ongoing.

The Maori Party meanwhile seems a little deluded about the impact contracting out 212 jobs will have:

The Maori Party has come out on the side of workers in the Ports of Auckland dispute.

Co-leader Pita Sharples is concerned about the impact the row will have on the livelihoods of thousands of workers, particularly young Maori.

He’s written to the tertiary education and labour ministers asking for an assurance employment opportunities for those affected are on their radar.

He’s also concerned about the decisions of Maersk Line and Fonterra to re-route trade to Tauranga and Napier, and what impact there may be on jobs.

Someone needs to sit down with Pita and have a wee chat and explain that striking actually hurts more, literally in the thousands, workers than the 212 greedy, rich prick wharfies, who BTW are mostly poms, not Maori.

One thing is for certain is that Labour are all at sea with this dispute, their leadership, through their absence are telling us with their silence that they back the ports.


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  • Johnboy

    “Co-leader Pita Sharples is concerned about the impact the row will have
    on the livelihoods of thousands of workers, particularly young Maori.”

    Fuck. I never realised that many young Murri actually worked for a living.

    Fu Bro. Youse learn something every day eh?

  • Wetfootmammal

    So only the complete de-unionisation of the workforce will do huh? Other people who were intolerant of unions – Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. Yup – you’re in some good company there Cam. Says a lot about you and the PoA management totalitarian psychopaths you all.

    • Granny

      Godwin’s Law, anyone?

      • Wetfootmammal

        Merely pointing out a pattern with power-obsessed psychopaths. They don’t like unions.

      • Dion

        The other pattern is that all of the individuals you’ve named were socialists.

      • Anonymous

        Wetfootmammal: “power obsessed psychopaths”……what an uncanny description fitting the unions holding economics sanctions over the POA trying to throw the anchor on progress.

      • Rockfield

        You called the ‘law’ beatifully on that one !!!


    • Thorn

      Wetdreamjism, the term running dog of the capitalists is still a winner.

      Mussolini was edged out of third place by late entrant mass murderers such as Mao, Pol Pot, and the Mad Mullahs of Mecca & Medina. Runners up were Ataturk, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi and the United Nations Peace Keepers. 

      For aiding and abetting murders and family violence, a mention is made of Sian Elias for her catch and release (kiss the crims’ buttocks) practices. 

    • Ploughman

      There is a place for unions, but not for unions like the educational unions, or this daft wharfie union.  

  • Anonymous

    The Maori Party supporting the wharfies might get them a few votes in Wainui and Mangere, but bugger-all elsewhere.

    • Johnboy

      We’ve never had a strike at the port of Wainui thor42!

  • Berek

    Someone needs to enlighten Mr Sharples about the fact the Maritime Union are supporting racists and sexists in the employment court.  See Angus and McKean.

  • jabba

    maybe Shearer is stamping his authority on the mad MPs .. Goff couldn’t do it

    • starboard

      whos’ shearer?

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Shearer is that guy that replaced Phool Goff I think. Trev was the real leader of that Party
        Don’y worry starboard, all of those names mean nothing, they fight each other

      • Paulus

        He’s off somewhere saving the World. Our new Ghandi.

    • History of Violence

      At least Goff made an appearance occasionally but is now KIA, Shearers MIA, at least JK has worked hard and earnt a holiday, honesty WTF has Shearer done? He must be a bit thick to miss the opportunity to come back early and get stuck in unopposed, I thought he would be keener?Cunning David wouldn’t have dropped the ball like this.

  • Agent BallSack

    Labour has merely copy and pasted Greens successful Election strategy….Shut the fuck up and hope no one realises you’re bat shit crazy.

  • Arniet M

    Where is the “New” Leader of the Labor Party on this, he has been conspicuous by his absence, no comments, no nothing. Is he scared already??????

    • History of Violence

      He’s a lazy bastard obviously, he was out of here just after the vote, hope he’s at “growth some balls school” or we are in for a treat this year. The devastation to the leftards this year is going to be off biblical proportions. 3MYrs “G Gregan”

  • Steve and Monique

    Hey Pita,its the wharfs,not the meat works.You can relax now bro.