Chris Christie on Schools

Hard to argue with Chris Christie as he launches Renaissance Schools to help the poorest in New Jersey.


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  • Exclamation Mark

    The more I see of this guy the more I like him. Christie in ’16 woot woot!

  • Killjoy

    “This partnership creates a solution to the problems that we have all articulated. I think its time to stop articulating the problems, we need to talk about the solutions and move forward the solutions that represent the interests of our people and certainly get the job done…. putting our issues and politics aside by doing what’s right for the people…”

    Hard to argue with that aye Kosh???

  • Alex

    To get a long term right-ward shift of politics in this country, we need to find a person who combines the conviction and intellectual/moral firepower of Thatcher, the rat cunning of John Howard and the ordinary, solutions-focused commonsense of Christie. 

    Unfortunately, the right wingers tend to be finance obsessed tossers with no political nous (eg Brash), smarmy fundys peddling outdated values, or bigoted angry little men.

     All the sorts that put off the average voter and are easy game for the Leftists. 

    The lack of an effective right wing political leader is probably the main reason for NZ’s left leaning policy settings. 

    • Super Guest

      I think the problem here was that during the 1980s when the world lurched to the right and finally stopped the unions from strangling the economy and halting economic progress, the rest of the world elected people like Thatcher and Reagan, whereas we got David Lange. The 80s right-wing-icon we got was Roger Douglas, unfortunately he was in the Labour party. So we always had Douglas’s sensible reforms conflicting with Lange’s piss-poor party management and the bubbling factions of bullshit in the Labour party. He was demonised by Labour for playing them all for the saps they are, and ignored by National because he was IN Labour. And we’re left with…this…no modern economic icon to look back on and embrace because of the shear pathetic nature of partisan politics.

  • Kosh103

    Right wing and education are two things that do not go together.  The right wing do not care for REAL eduaction and learning. Only churning out carbon copies who can spout menaingless facts on command and not think.

    • Alex

      What a load of hogwash.  The right wing wants kids who can think for themselves.  The difference between the right and left is that the right doesn’t think that that aim is incompatible with expecting teachers being accountable and exceptional teachers being rewarded. 

      Read the writing on the wall: parents (whether they have left or right voting tendencies) are united in their rejection of the closed, unaccountable priestly elite that teachers have become.   National’s policies just pick up on that sentiment.  The parents’ sentiment existed well before National took office; but the teachers’ union just ignored it.

      • Kosh103

        Total garbage.

        The right want carbon copies, not indivduals. You only have to look at how they view the art of learning to know this.

      • Paul Rain

        I agree with Kosh. The right wing can’t realize that everyone needs to be good little socialist leeches. They want education to produce engineers, scientists, and managers, rather than puppeteers and sociomarxist gender studiers.

    • Super Guest

      Anyone see the irony here? Kosh isn’t thinking for himself, he’s spouting the prepared leftist lines. And he has no leg to stand on, considering how stupid NCEA is making our kids, thankfully a few sane schools are going with the Cambridge Exams.

      • Gazzaw

        C’mon SG are you for real? Wanting our kids to have internationally recognised qualifications such as Cambridge or Baccalaureat? Something measurable?

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – I see you are clueless about this subject, just as paul rain is.