Christchurch City Council dumb stuff, Ctd

They get a report saying Tony Marryatt’s pay rise exceeds the norm. They give him a pay rise. Then the LGOIMA requests come in. The report is released. The council look like plonkers.

A controversial pay rise for Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Marryatt put his salary more than $100,000 above the median pay for similar roles, a report shows.

The report, from remuneration consultant Strategic Pay, was used to help set Marryatt’s $68,000 pay rise, taking his salary to $538,529.

Marryatt said on Friday, after weeks of public criticism, that he had asked the council to stop paying the increase.

The council released the document in response to several Official Information Act requests from media organisations, including The Press.

As I have said previously, the council doesn’t need a review of their communications. They just need to stop doing dumb stuff….and sack Tony Marryatt.


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  • David

    According to the City Management Association in the US the average CEOs pay for one with a population under 500,000 is USD 187,000.
    This is in a country where the average wage is 42% higher than in NZ and also bear in mind in most cities they not only do roads and sewerage etc. but they also have to run schools, police force, fire departments not to mention being sued every five minutes.

  • A simple solution!

    I agree it is a relatively simple solution just sack Marryatt and Parker. I am personally worried about a huge group of angry ratepayers, many of them elderly, being jammed into a very small space in the midday sun – and God forbid we have another big shake – this is the biggest recipe for disaster ever, especially when the council has the means to stop it.   Marryatt and Parker must step down immediately and then the city holds new council elections in a month or so.. What is difficult about that?  Why on earth doesn’t Kerry Marshall or Nick Smith take control here…
    It is rumoured that the Felicity Price debacle may be cancelled.  And not before time.

    • starboard

      I hope they get a massive turnout tomorrow. ” Be vocal people..stand tall beside each other ”  Side show bob and marryatt gotta go.

  • AnonWgtn

    Don’t panic Lianne Dalziel will sort it all out, along with Jim Anderson, when she becomes Mayor.
    Her recent TV/Media publicity over irrelevances is part of th Labour PR programme in Christchurch. Any publicity counts.
    After all she is being floated over in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

    • dad4justice

      Sorry I meant to give that a big thumb down.

      Please change the old Lieanne record as it’s bent and twisted!

      Hey Dalzeel come to Bexley 2moro and give me a hand.I can give you a crowbar or big hammer to use you pathetic sick joke!

      Just ask CERA where I am.

      Yeah right!