Christchurch City Council dumb stuff

Yesterday I outlined a coming series of posts outlining the unbelievably dumb shuff that the Christchurch City Council has done in the last couple of terms. The tipline has had a flood of information coming through and to make sure I don’t miss any of the really dumb stuff here is a list about what will be blogged on in the coming weeks.

  • Ellerslie Flower Show
  • Henderson Properties Deal
  • Having to back down on rent increase on social housing
  • Crazy CBD rebuild plan that has driven most property developers and investors out of Christchurch
  • Renewing Tony Marryatt’s contract
  • Cover up of reports saying council failures after the September Earthquake led to deaths in the February Earthquake
  • Giving Tony Marryatt a $68,000 pay rise
  • An $80,000 review of council communications

If you think anything has been missed make suggestions in the comments or on the tipline.

I must point out that I am yet to be convinced that the attacks against Marryatt aren’t simple blind parochialism from feral Christchurch residents angry he isn’t one of them. Some of the emails I’ve received are obviously from the same sort of loons like Penny Bright. The give away is the excessive use of  CAPS lock and the letter S being substituted for $.


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  • Anonymous

    I think Bob Parker should have stuck with hosting the “Young Farmer of the Year” show. 

  • Dion

    Not to mention this – – I remember opening the newspaper and seeing this the day after getting my rates demand in the mail.

    • Dr Wang

      No connection with the sand sculpture competition just held in CHCH?

      • Anonymous

        Both were a waste of ratepayer money???

  • David

    Buying the rights to the buskers festival for over a million bucks then not being able to secure a sponsor so you get the council owned airport company to sponsor it to show it made money. Surely be easier just to support it instead.
    Buying more and more shares in the Littleton port company when your city has been smashed in two by an earthquake post September.
    The Hendo deal for 17 mill was split into five deals to avoid having to go to voters, if you wanted to buy his shitty properties why not wait till the finance companies have a mortgagee auction. They used hendos valuations rather than getting their own.
    Most of the many communications officers used to be journos for the Press, much like TVNZ Journo career path through the labour party, it’s quite a recent occurrence that the paper is climbing into the council.

  • Paulus

    Don’t Panic

    Lianne Dalziel (one of them) will soon take over as Mayor from Bob Parker (whom I am sure has had a gutsful of whatever continued criticism).
    Lianne is practiced in the art of spending other peoples money, so can only be a bright future for Christchurch (where it cannot happen to me, me, me).

  • Anonymousecoward

    Part of the blame for the rise of Parker falls on the City Labour Machine who in the past were able to field candidates like Viki Buck and Gary Moore. Viki and Gary had served an apprenticeship in local body politics and were seasoned pols by the time they put on the mayoral chain.

    Maybe the kicking upstairs of sending Megan to Wellington will clear the decks.

  • Tookinator

    Re: Bob Parker – it could have been worse, we could have got Jim Anderton. (Who thought being a Mayor was a part time job and he could still pick up his pay as an MP)

  • Brainiac 13

    I’m interested in seeing if perception matches reality with Marryatt. Local body politics is obviously an ego fest at times but to those of us who just watch from the outside, he comes across as a bumbling over-paid fool.
    I have no problem with a high performing executive getting well paid for doing a good job. And this is irrespective of what has happened in Chch re the earthquake. Good performers should still get rewarded.
    But everytime we see / hear him he comes across as not particulrly intelligent with something to hide. And things do seem pretty cosy / secretive at the top.
    I would love to see an un-censored video blog of a day at work with Marryatt. Let’s see if he is the star he says he is. Perhaps he is but so much spin comes out of the council I have no idea.

  • The disgraceful antics of the CCC make the bizarre actions
    from the captain of the Costa Concordia seem trivial by comparison.
    Down goes the city.

    • Lindsay Addie

      The CCC and their handling of matters reminds be (rather appropriately) of Fawlty Towers.

  • Southshore

    Appreciate your sceptisicm, I probably would take it with a pinch of salt as well if I did not live in the broken up city of Christchurch, had a EQ trashed house and paid the rates only to supplement a piece of trash llke Marryatt.  Just watch and wait, the most astounding expose is in the making, the crook councillors will all take a hike along with the mayor, the Town Clerk all those ratbag preferred suppliers. 

    • Just Right

      Agree, big Geezer is going to replace the Council… Give him 6 months

  • Ruthsulli

     Oh my goodness keep Lianne Dalziel out of the mix or we will really up the creek!

  • Rosco

    This morning Tim Carter has lambasted the council for its
    nepotism and dysfunctional conduct. – I think it is incredibly courageous and
    honourable for this young man to stand up against the might of Marryatt and
    Parker.  I truly hope that the other
    councillors have the integrity to put their voters faith and council
    responsibilities before the massive salaries they receive…

  • Ploughman

    More oddities from the People’s Republic: 
    Tony Marryyatt’s brekkie meetings with the Mayor and Mayoress seems odd, if not downright strange.And giving the Mayoress an office is weird.  What would be in her in tray do you think?