Churnalism, Ctd

Fairfax repeater Jenny Keown really shouldn’t have put her name to the byline for the article on Stuff about the Ports of Auckland issue. She has basically cut/pasted Garry Parsloe’s press release in full from the Maritime Union website.

Comparing the two articles side by side there is a prima facie case of churnalism. Simply repeating a press release as if it was news.

  • Union Press release: 455 words, 56 lines, 14 paragraphs
  • Stuff news article: 397 words ,48 lines ,13 paragraphs

I have highlighted the direct cut/paste passages:


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  • Cactus Kate

    RIdiculous, she should stay on a permanent holiday with this sort it bullshit.

    • Muffin

      She was completely fing hopeless when she tried to write advertorials on technology so this sort of crap isnt at all surprising.

  • joe bloggs

    Journalistic integrity – in Jenny Keown’s case they’re two words randomly colliding

  • Dr Wang

    Jenny was a star graduate from the Witi Ihimaera school of journalism – have you got a problem with that?

  • Anonymous

    Is that her real name or did she cut and paste that from Twit/Face?

  • Rw

    I went to school with Jenny….she is not a very bright girl at all!!   don’t be alarmed at her plagiarism…

  • James

    I found some photos of her,  she looks at least shaggable after 6 or 7 beers,  maybe less for others.  How did she pull of the 2008 winner of TUANZ, whatever the fuck that is. Is she a good cocksucker or something?

    TUANZ Telecommunications Journalist of the YearJenny Keown, The Independent

    Judges Comments:Jenny Keown produced a number of incisive reports on complex telecommunications issues. Writing for the independent, issues covered included Mobile termination rates, predatory pricing and the difficulty of getting objective information from the large Telco’s

  • Boohoo

    You idiots continue to churn out whale oils one eyed right wing slanderous bullshit is the most hypocritical crap I have ever read! What about your continuous copying of A M ( Fibber ) Gibsons spiel while ignoring the truth ! Go back to your archaic dungeons you self righteous bigots!