Compare and Contrast

Geoff Walker is a photographer. He also captured footage of the tragic ballooning accident including vital evidence of what went wrong and the accident itself.

For photographer Geoff Walker, yesterday went from capturing moments of excitement and anticipation to providing vital but horrific pictures of the accident.

When most would turn away, Mr Walker continued to take photos of the final minutes of eleven lives – including that of his close friend, pilot Lance Hopping.

“It’s part of your experience and craft. I just need to keep going on with this, you know, even though it’s not something you want to see because it was a friend involved. It was not like someone in Iraq or a war zone. It’s someone meeting their destiny,” says Mr Walker.

Mr Walker describes the accident as a nightmare ending to a day that had started perfectly.

Geoff Walker was in possession of some very valuable footage of the accident. Did he sell them? Nope, he handed them over to Police and deleted the originals off the camera.

Mr Walker has since given the photographs to police and other agencies investigating the crash and has deleted them from his camera.

He will not release them out of respect for the victim’s families and hopes that they will help investigators work out exactly what happened.

Compare his ethical and honourable actions with the scurrilous actions of Bradley Ambrose, the cameraman who taped a private conversation and who then sold his recording to the highest bidders.


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  • Symgardiner

    No comparison. One’s a professional and one is not.

    • Quite so Symgardiner; Geoff Walker behaved like a consummate professional whereas Bradley Ambrose was more like a cowboy.

      • kehua

        Please do not insult cowboys, a cunt who profits from spying,  is a cunt who profits from spying!

  • Agent BallSack

    I think Geoff Walker showed ethics beyond the standards of most New Zealanders. Compare that with the fucktards looting in Waihi, like theyre owed stuff of the Rena – or the idiots in Christchurch after the earthquake versus the Japanese. New Zealand has become a dismal society in the main part and I am almost ashamed to call myself a New Zealander.

    • Hokitika

      I just shudder when I read this sort of stuff. I’m almost ashamed to call myself a New Zealander……when I come across dismal work like no apostrophe (theyre instead of they’re or they are), “of” the Rena and not “off” and the use of “fucktard’ instead of a
      more appropriate term. These three things are among the reasons that we need National Standards.

      • Agent BallSack

        Points noted. Now fuck off. 

    • GPT

      There was a lot more good than bad post EQ in Chch.  People really did check on their neighbours, every sink hole (of which there was a lot) had a wheelie bin in it to warn others, people drove strangers home (journeys that could take hours rather than 10s of minutes), office workers climbed into broken buildings to pull people out.  Take a look at the Press video footage down Cashel mall – complete strangers climbing into wrecked shops to get people out.  There was more to make one proud to be a New Zealander than the reverse. 

      • Agent BallSack

        I totally agree with that. It was the minority that just makes you think WTF? I’d never not be proud to be a Kiwi, just ashamed of those that don’t live to the standards most of us set for ourselves. The ones that seek to profit from others misfortunes.

  • Gerber

    oh my god

    11 deaths in Epsom tea-shop horror

    Which is basically what your last line is

  • Gerber

    What would you have done you had the tape ( and it was someone other than the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party Candidate) Cameron ?

    Which is of course a silly question, we know what you would have done.

    You are the Gold Standard to which we should judge

    • For a start I am not a journalist, secondly I imagine I would be prosecuted just the same as Ambrose…however instead of carping and whining.

  • Chris

    Good grief Cam, you exasperate me sometimes. I have just read your post on depression and (hard as it is for me to say, being what you would call a Pinko) I agree with it 100% and will always wish you all the best in your ongoing success at beating off the dark clouds. Then you go and post this. 

    The merits of what Ambrose did are debatable, fair enough, but to compare these two is beyond the pale. One has had the unfortunate experience of photographing the tragic deaths of 11 ‘innocent’* members of the public in horrific circumstances (and he has treated those images with the respect they deserve), and the other is a political media type who has been INVITED to a publicity stunt by a man who has put himself in the public eye, and then had the luck to get a recording of a conversation that said publicity seeking politician might just be a little ashamed of. Its like comparing apples with hand grenades (maybe they are both green, but that’s about it)!

    * My use of the word innocent is in no way meant to convey that John Key is guilty of anything, but he was complicit in the circumstances that lead to the Tea-pot tapes debacle, nothing more.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Freelancers don’t get invites, only accredited media .

  • Steve and Monique.

    Ones a professional,the others best described as papparazzi.Pity the media in this country does not have the ethics that was shown by Geoff Walker.Would be a better place for it,thats for sure

  • Anonymous

    with respect to Ambrose, the only deaths John Key and John Banks discussed were Winston Peter’s supporters.

  • Don

    Geoff Walker has shown the actions of a truly honourable gentleman.

    I wish there were more like him.

  • Pdubyahnz

    Was it only me that noticed that the Herald has these photographs as being “Seized” by the police in one report ? Which struck me as having a tanty reporting.


    The teapot tapes was never sold nor was any money accepted.  Your blatant agenda (who pays your bills…) is wrong, just like 99% of what you write.  I’m glad you admit you’re not a journalist.  The only disgraceful behaviour is from people like you.

    • Agent BallSack

      Wow it took a whole month for you to come up with that? Don’t attribute yourself to being the 1%, you’re more like the 25% who can’t read or think for themselves. Avast Ye! Troll Begone!  Back to the Stranded with you!