Cuddling Corpses for political gain, Ctd

Yesterday it was Grant Robertson that jumped on the death of an indigent man to score a political point about “poverty”.

This morning it is Jacinda Ardern who is cuddling corpses to score political points.

Labour has reiterated its call for a cross-party approach to fighting child abuse following the death of two-month-old Hinekawa Topia.

…Labour’s social development spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern said she did not want to comment specifically on Hinekawa’s case while the investigation was continuing, but speaking broadly about the issue of child abuse, she reiterated Labour’s call for more cooperation across Parliament to tackle the problem.

“We know that our child abuse stats in New Zealand are appalling, we know we have an enormous issue that we need to be dealing with. I don’t believe we need another inquiry to tell us what we already know, we need action.”

The Government announced last year that it would set up a ministerial committee to look at the issue of child poverty, and Ms Ardern said with poverty and abuse being so inter-linked, the group could be an opportunity for parties to work together.

“We’ve asked the Government to allow us to be a part of that group … as yet the Government hasn’t taken us up on that offer but we’ll keep making it,” Ms Ardern said.

Labour doesn’t want to talk about the individual case, they simply want to use the case for an excuse to try and embarrass the government into let them come along in a “me too” capacity on a committee. That isn’t going to address the issue of Maori killing their kids now is it?

Labour really are shameless. They don’t care about the issues, they are simply trying to score points against the government. In doing so though they are trying to lay the blame of child murders at their feet which is shameless politicking using dead people.

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  • Mattyman

    Would Labour do the same if they were in power? No. Of course they wouldn’t. Hypocrites. Goodness it sounds like they still wont admit defeat. They need to attack National not try and fight an unwinable battle for ‘cross party support’ aka give all power us.

  • Vlad

    Well, I’ve just watched the TV One coverage & for once it was a straightforward, blunt, unbiased  & uncompromising report on this.   Fair’s fair, Brian Edwards has crossed over & for at least 2 minutes TVNZ has done a plain job on this fearful issue.  One tick to them, to go against many x’s.    

  • Angry Croc

    Labour has a fellow feeling with the dead after all.

  • whanau

    how will a ”
    cross-party approach” stop maori’s beating their kids to death?
    anyways, saves the tax payer in the long run…

  • Patrick Murphy

    so Jacinda Adern is saying no kids were killed on “her” watch during the last Labour government?
    It has been going on for yonks, poverty has feck all to do with it, personal responsibility has everything to do with it & as long as it is ok to farm kids out to whanau then it will continue. If you breed then accept the responsibility that goes with it look after your offspring & don’t think it is ok to ditch the kids with auntie while you go on a 5 day bender on the p1ss & vitamin “P”

  • Anonymous

    1) Poverty is largely a myth in NZ. The range of benefits and assistance available mean no-one needs to live in real poverty. The “poverty line” is a movable target, that increases every time the average wage goes up. We could legislate everyone to earn $1 million a year and there would still be those “below the poverty line”

    2) Poverty isn’t the reason for child abuse. It is the excuse. The reason is selfishness on the part of the abuser. Selfishness because there’s “too much noise”, or not enough drugs because supplies for the child are bought, or constriction of lifestyle due to parental responsibilities, all because the parents are too lazy or stupid to use contraception

  • RightNow

    If Labour want to work ‘cross-party’ with National all they have to do is sign a confidence and supply agreement.

  • Killjoy

    Labour should be cuddling up to their own parties’ corpse for political gain- or at least hoping they’ll get some…