Cutting the costs of drug abuse

Chris Christie has come up with a sane, cost effective policy to deal with drug abuse.

From the transcript of his speech:

Let us reclaim the lives of those drug offenders who have not committed a violent crime. By investing time and money in drug treatment – in an in-house, secure facility – rather than putting them in prison. Experience has shown that treating non-violent drug offenders is two-thirds less expensive than housing them in prison. And more importantly – as long as they have not violently victimized society – everyone deserves a second chance, because no life is disposable. I am not satisfied to have this as merely a pilot project; I am calling for a transformation of the way we deal with drug abuse and incarceration in every corner of New Jersey.


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  • George Wood

    Have to agree with you 100% here Cameron.  Lets hope the proposed drug courts get underway in Auckland during 2012 – I am sure that Judith Collins will push the idea along.  Sorting out druggie problems is far cheaper than incarceration in very costly prisons where the drug problems intensify.

  • Gazzaw

    Does Christie include alcohol in his proposal because I believe that is right up there with the major problem drugs that we have to deal with in NZ. If so could the country afford such a system? On the other hand can we afford not to given the road carnage, crime & domestic damage that alcohol abuse inflicts on our society. And no, I am not a wowser.  

    • Tim

      Christie excludes violent behaviour, I would have thought that would have to rule out a large proportion of crime associated with alcohol. People don’t really tend to care too much what you do provided you don’t harm other people, yourself (to a lesser degree) or their property with regards to alcohol (rightly or wrongly).

      I guess what I’m getting at is the main difference is that alcohol is legal, the drugs he is taking aim at aren’t.

      • Gazzaw

        I agree apropos domestic violence but but the road carnage needs attending to.

        I maybe wrong but I do not think that the booze culture is any near as embedded in US society as it is in NZ & Australia.  

  • Kthxbai

    Yes, but does the treatment work? Or is it just an expensive way to feel good about trying to do something about the problem?

    • Gazzaw

      By & large the addict has to accept that s/he has a problem before successful treatment is possible. Just putting them into a rehab unit in lieu of prison will never work.

  • Kosh103

    Goodness anyone would think old Chris was running for something.

    Having said that, he is right about this. Putting non violent drug offenders in prision generally ends up with them getting deeper and deeper into crime and they almost never come out better off than what they were when they went in.

  • Rockyr

    Don’t think it worked for ‘Minnie’ Paul Holmes  daughter, how many second chances was she given. Very few drug users go to prison for a first offence.

  • of course they all should be legalised… is a health-issue..not a justice-issue..

    ..alcohol-swilling-pot-prohibitionists are a benchmark for hypocrisy…

    ..(and the vilest/most-addictive drug of all..?..methadone…) could that not be a great big flashing neon sign telling us we are currently on the wrong track..?


  • i actually have quite an interesting cache on that subject..

    ..(if i say so myself..)


    • dad4justice

      Oh no a phool whore attack. Please tell the local chemist he is high and out of the slammer again!

  • Another liberal idea from that Romney loving fat arsed RINO Christie, who would do the most good for his country if he fucked off out of the Republicans and joined the Democrats..

  • ah..!..d4j..and rb..! this is where they all come/go…

    ..this place must be a shelter for the rabid..

    ..of sorts..

    ..fufilling a social need..?…


  •  Let us leave drug “offenders” the fuck alone.