Dan Hodges is awesome

UK Labour is experiencing the same implosion that is going on here. Basically the left is eating their own and it is extremely funny to watch.

I have blogged about Dan Hodges before and his byline:

Dan Hodges is a Blairite cuckoo in the Miliband nest. He has worked for the Labour Party, the GMB trade union and managed numerous independent political campaigns. He writes about Labour with tribal loyalty and without reservation.

Today he explains why everyone is laughing at the left:

There have been times in Ed Miliband?s leadership when he?s been ignored. That?s not unusual for a new leader of a party consigned to the wilderness of opposition. There have also been times when people have disagreed with him. Like when he?s claimed we should try to understand the rioters or listen to the St Paul?s protestors, or said just about anything on the economy. But now people are openly laughing at him. And for any politician, that is the most dangerous moment of all.

At least, that?s what I thought until I was rudely awoken by my humorous convulsions. And then, at that moment, the truth dawned. People aren?t laughing at Ed Miliband. They?re laughing at all of us. The entire British Left has ceased to become a political movement. We are now a giant comedy sketch. A strange, surreal montage of Monty Python, Citizen Smith and the Thick of It.

On Wednesday I followed a Twitter debate between best-selling Left-wing author Owen Jones, and Sunny Hundal, editor of Liberal Conspiracy, recently voted the most influential Left-wing website in the country. They were debating the deficit, the cuts and Labour?s approach. Hundal?s advice, and I am not making this up, was that the Left should say nothing about them. Coming up with a credible line was just too hard. So we should not talk about the cuts at all. Labour should shift the debate to jobs, the NHS, fly fishing ? anything. But a bit like Basil Fawlty, under no account must we mention the cuts.

Snigger. There are some harsh lessons there in those three short paragraphs that Labour in New Zealand and indeed other leftwing organisation need to understand. They won’t though and because they won’t we will keep on laughing at them….like the Maritime Union.