David meet Jill

As everyone know David Farrar has been to Africa, though some friends have suggested that perhaps he stayed home in front of the TV and took photos of Animal Planet and National Geographic. If you look real close at some photos perhaps you can see his reflection in the screen.

Anyway, I digress. I am writing this post to show the difference between a blogger and a journalist.

Jill Worrall has just got back from her tour of Africa and bored us all shitless with 1065 words that Farrar displayed so  much better with 50 words and 200 photos.

For example, she writes:

As I stood close to the lip of the falls, watching the water slip into the abyss, heard the roar of its fall and felt the spray on my face I didn’t need anyone to tell me this was one of the most amazing sights I would see in my lifetime.

and Farrar posts:

And there you have it, Farrar trots off to Africa and posts almost everyday with photos, Jill trots off and writes 1065 words and we still have no idea what she is talking about. Farrar should be the travel writer, he has found a new niche one he excels at.


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  • Lofty

    Yes he may as well move to travel reports, as his blog has been taken over by a couple of the most boring & prolific commentors that God put breath into.
    I cannot even be bothered visiting there now.

  • Mort

    it has to be a lot less hypocritical than defending Keyster on maintaining and promoting the worst of Helengrad.

  • TCrwdb

    Can’t believe I was the first to say this…

    …a picture is worth 1065 words…


    Also agreed with Lofty, I never visit there either as Farrar’s transition to pinkodom is pretty much complete