Dealing with Teachers

it is hard yeards dealing with teachers, they are like weeds, no sooner you knock them down they sprout back up seemingly more virulent:

MICHAEL GOVE, the Education Secretary, wants to make it easier to sack poor teachers – but he may need to take a long-term view. I once asked the late, great Sir Alec Clegg, chief education officer of the West Riding of Yorkshire, how he dealt with bad teachers. There was a long pause. “What I say is this,” he replied at last. “While there’s death, there’s hope.”


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  • Robbie Timo

    as a teacher afte having worked in many other professions it is a pretty constant job-where it helps to have diversity. I cannot believe how many knock the proffession but wouldn’t last in the position a day. Anyone keen to swap for a day?

    • nellie

      Not an English teacher then….

      • bb

        i’d pick teacher aid.

    • Anonymous

      I’d swap but I f*&king hate kids

      • Figaro

        sounds like you are qualified to be head of the teachers union !

    • Kosh103

      You will find that those on the right are very big on attacking teachers but could never do the job, wouldnt know how to do the job or do it for the pay that is offered. Put that with the lies Key tells about teachers and there you have the position of the right on the amazing people who work in teaching in NZ.

      • Angry Croc

        Well, if you are an example Kosh, who would want to work alongside idiots like you?

      • Kosh103

        Oh poor angry croc, labouring under the idea that he knows anything about anything.

  • Angry Croc

    The English language is definitely not your subject is it Kosh?