Denise Roche – Double Dipper

In the press release she signed with 27 other Auckland loons, Green MP and Waiheke Local Board member Denise Roche has thoughtfully reminded me that she has held the joint role of local board member and Member of Parliament since the November 27 election.

I wonder – is she keeping both salaries and perks though? Jami-lee Ross resigned the Monday after his win int eh by-election. Labour too made much of double-dippers in the past so why are they remaining silent on Denise Roche?

As a backbench List MP, Roche would be earning $135,000 pa, more or less, plus perks like free phones, travel etc.
As a local board member, Roche would be earning around $35,000 pa, more of less, plus perks like free cellphone, free laptop etc.

So, questions for the media to ask:

Given that Denise Roche has not resigned as a local board member since becoming a MP, is she drawing both incomes? Has she been keeping the extra money, or is she giving it away to a charity (like Sam Lotu-Iiga did)

Is she keeping 2 laptops, 2 phones etc? If she hasn’t returned both phones, how do we know she hasn’t given one to a relative or friend or political ally to use as a nice free phone or laptop that is cost-centred by the ratepayers of Auckland..

I think we should know.

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  • Paulus

    Typical Greenpeace. What more can you expect.

  • Joes

    You should probably do this with the other 27 idiots.

  • Hakim of Phut

    So Sam  doubled dipped  with the more demanding job of Auckland City Councillor and only resigned when he reached the point  where a by election wasnt required….. and his sleeping in parliament became an issue.
    Doesnt Jackie Blue continue her private practice as well as back bench MP. ( list)

  • Petal

    cost-centred?  Please don’t start talking like that….. :P

  • so why didn’t you just ask her..?

    might that have spoiled yr headline..?

    “..For the record, Denise intends to resign as an Auckland Council Local
    Board member following her Board’s next meeting in early February. Since
    she was elected to Parliament she has donated all of her Local Board
    salary to three separate community groups, and will continue to do so
    until her resignation next month…”


    • Good Lord; someone opened the door of the crypt..

  • Brucebrcbrk

    Joes is probably right most of the part-time job board members have full-time jobs. 

  • are you going to publish a correction/apology..?

    ..or don’t you do that when you get things so wrong…?


  • Positan

    “Since she was elected to Parliament she has donated all of her Local Board salary to three separate community groups, and will continue to do so until her resignation next month…”
    Surely if she’s not now applying her efforts to the Local Board at the same level as previously – (a) she’s not entitled to a salary – and (b), should not be drawing it, let alone “donating” money that is the property of her Local Board to anyone or anywhere else.  Every dollar so paid to her is at cost of something other to which the Board’s monies could have been more appropriately applied.

    Such spurious attitude to public monies seems such a constant characteristic of the Left – donating money not earned nor even entitled to, to “charities” of the donor’s own determination.

  • so..positan..

    yr thoughts on that $4mill+ gift..not loan..’gift’..

    ..last year.. that multi-millionaire friend of john key..?

    how would you characterise that little purler..?

    ..a ‘constant characteristic’ of the right..?

    ..that/their history/habit of handouts/corporate-welfare  to the already rich..?


  • Positan

    As a typical Leftist, Phillip Ure seeks to obscure the issue – that Denise Roche is financially screwing her Local Board and its constituents – and that it is a constant in Leftist circles.

    His reaction is everything I would have expected as, in this point of debate, every other issue is completely irrelevant.  

    Address the subject, Phillip – if the other matter becomes a point of debate, I may address it – but as it is NOT at the moment, perhaps you could address what is relevant about Denise Roche’s transparently corrupt values.

  • as a typical rightist..positan just ignores the facts..(ie..salary-donation..)..and continues to repeat the lies..

    ..that is a constant in rightwing circles/blogs….

    ..this example here now..(where slater refuses to retract/apologise..)..

    ..and farrar a lot of the time..

    ..(who can forget that heke woman..his fake-benificiary..?…eh..?

    ..that was a whopper/curly-one…eh..?)

    ….you are accusing roche of ‘corruption’.. really are just blowing it out yr

    ..and of course the benchmark of corruption is

    ..the man who put the ‘double-dip’ in dipton…

    ..for 12 long years wasn’t it..?

    ..come on now..!

    ..tell me ‘that is ok..’cos he paid it back’ wanna talk ‘corruption’..?

    ..look no further..

    ..bill’s yr man..!

    ..and given the long history of national being the handmaiden/servant of the elittes/vested-interests/foreign-interests..

    (has key had his briefing recently..?..from ashford..?

    ..remember how he used to drive out to the airport to meet ashfords’ private-jet..?

    ..not that good a

    ..key forelock-tugging his way up the stairs into ashfords’ private-jet..

    ..very third world servant-satrap…)

    ..’corruption’ comes in many forms/

    ..and somehow however you look at roche.. just ain’t there..

    ..slater owes her a retraction/apology..

    ..that much is very clear..


    • Alex

      Tell me why should we care about a drug addled, convicted armed robber?  Did you ever apologise to your victims?  Quite frankly, you should STFU and not lecture law abiding people (who don’t have convictions) about rights and wrongs. 

      • Thorn

        He is a wannabe has been ersatz Greenie who is amour-ed by dogs and generally hated by humans.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Phil, you are a pothead, braindead criminal, go away loser.

  • Positan

    As I said, Phil – you and every other semi-educated leftist are obviously incapable of rational debate – let alone, rational discussion.  The subject under discussion – Denise Roche’s double-dipping – is what you are supposed to address, not every irrelevancy (ie points that have nothing to do with the subject) you can dream up.  That’s why Labour/Greens are/have been so useless to themselves and all others.

    As your particular style of mental masturbation demonstrably lacks any understanding of the meaning of debate, I’m not going to indulge you further.

  • “..As I said, (Positan) – you and every other semi-educated (rightie) are
    obviously incapable of rational debate – let alone, rational discussion. 

    The subject under discussion – (the required apology/retraction of the false allegations of) Denise Roche’s double-dipping – is what
    you are supposed to address, not every irrelevancy (ie points that have
    nothing to do with the subject) you can dream up. 

    That’s why (the right) are/have been so useless to themselves and all others…”

    and..cutting and running are you..?

    ..fair do..toodle-oo..!


    • Agent BallSack

      I wonder – is she keeping both salaries and perks though?

      Since when has it become necessary to apologise for surmising? 

  • “..who is amour-ed by dogs..”

    i take that as a massive compliment..



  • “…He is/(was) a wannabe has been ersatz Greenie who is/(was) amour-ed by dogs and generally hated by (most) humans…”

    i might actually bookmark that one..

    ..for the shortlist for the headstone engraving…

    ..remarkably close/accurate/insightful…


  • “..semi-educated..”

    can i add that to the list of compliments..?

    after all..

    ‘semi-educated’ is all/the only destination all/any of us can really hope for/work towards

    ..and ol’ positan reckons i am already there..?


    ..( i am almost blushing here..

    ..who knew this is the place to come for for life-affirming


  • btw..this piece is shortlisted for the first of the monthly ‘whoar-yellow-journalism-awards’

    (to be presented at the end of this/every month..)

    ..currently there are two other contenders..for this first award…

    ..farrar for his ongoing lies/misinformation about the working conditions of the wharfies…

    ..and two journalists from the northern advocate/the herald..

    ..for this lying sack ‘o sh#t..