Did she get caught out by National Standards?

Looks like another school’s parents have voted with their feet:

Rotary Park School in Dunedin began its 2012 year with 13 pupils yesterday, down about 80 per cent from the 66 enrolled at the end of last year

About half a dozen parents gathered outside the school for a “solidarity march” to highlight their concerns about principal Carmel Casey, who has been the focus of allegations of incompetent teaching practices and staff bullying at the school.

It would be interesting to know the National Standards results for Rotary Park School. A commissioner has already been appointed at the school.


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  • Symgardiner

    Check out the schools ERO report…
    Whenever a school is on yearly visits, its the principal – unless they started within the last year.

  • On May 6th 2011 the ERO Report said “in summary”. There are issues between the board and teachers and the principal and teachers that have led to dysfunctional relationships. This may impact on student learning over time if not resolved.They’ve had all last year to sort themselves out.

  • guest

    Its a beat up by that Dunedin Toilet Paper substitute otherwise known as the ODT,

    Carmel was my Form 2 Teacher in the 90’s, while certainly straight up and
    down, nonsense and someone who called a spade a spade, she also had a great level
    of care and concern for all her students and went above and beyond to
    encourage and support them. She was also a Teacher who was prepared to
    acknowledge to parents and students when she was wrong (not a common
    straight in todays PC, self righteous teaching ilk)

    She was
    crucial in identifying my weaknesses, at an early stage and discussing
    the situation with my parents, which resulted in further assistance.
    Without her intervention it is quite possible I wouldn’t have continued
    onto University where I graduated Law and Commerce, law with close to
    an A- average.

    My primary school principal was a similar type, universally adored by the pupils and had a sense of humour (cardinal sin) driven to early retirement by his DP and AP, one is now an education association (union) president and the other an “enviro” schools facilitator, read between the lines, we need more people like Carmel in the system not less!

    What this is a bunch of PPTA work to rule teachers and some lefty busybody parents who are seeking to dominant the school and it’s principal, the fact that CLARE CURRAN is trying “intervene” should have sent the alarm bells ringing whale!

    • Anonymous

      Good educators don’t always make good leaders. With the mine field of regulations, hand holding and tip toeing required by anyone in a position of authority it is easy to understand why someone who doesn’t take bullshit could get into trouble. 

    • Geoffk

      have mates and brother in law who has kids there who have been “plucked” and they aint no leftard cocks!!!!

    • Sonds like she should have stayed in the classroom

      • Symgardiner

        Exactly. The concept that you need to be a teacher to be a principal is rubbish. Many principals should have stuck to what they loved and were good at

  • Nzschooltech

    Why their Board chairman thinks a school with only 31 pupils should stay open is incomprehensible. If this was a rural school. maybe. But it’s an urban school and should therefore be amalgamated.