From The Press today an article with a bunch of whining university professors. Take this whinger:

An associate professor, who has worked at the university for almost 20 years, said changes to his timetable had led him to look for a job overseas.

The man, who did not want to be named, said that for more than five years he had been able to work “family-friendly” hours that had allowed him to drop off and pick up his children from childcare and school.

The proposed timetable would make that impossible for him to do.

A surefire sign that University payrolls and employee conditions of service are unreal, padded and lead to these entitlement attitudes.

He believed the new system was bought in to maximise student enrolments, with little consideration to the impact on staff.

“People are sending furious emails. People are contacting the union and people are printing off resumes.”

Leave…I am sure there will plenty lining up to take your padded, soft-arse job.

Meanwhile the students are very happy with the new timetable…aren’t they the customers?


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  • ConwayCaptain

    They actually teach fotr 6 months of the year and are meant to do research as well.

    They get sabbatical leave about every five years.

    And tghen the Social Science types stand up and pontificate on this and that.

  • Mattyman

    Welcome to the real world buddy.

  • Agent BallSack

    Awww he’s been writing off letters to the Union. Why is Labour supporters can’t work the same hours as the rest of the country? i.e every fucking hour of the day if need be? Should Labour change its name to Anti-Labour? BTW my partner worked those hours for all of a year before we decided it was more economic to work and pay for child care. But being a ‘preffessor’ (sic) he’s probably too fucking dumb to work that out. What does his wife do?

  • Anonymous

    Why does he have to go and find a job overseas? If he’s that good then other NZ Universities will snap him up.

    When I was at Uni (Otago in mid to late 2000s) we had professionals from accounting firms come in and lecture in Tax and Audit. These were at 8.00am and 5.30pm four days a week and they were courses that ran for the entire academic year, not just one semester. Do people not realise that ‘family friendly hours’ are not available to everyone? They are a privilege, not a right. 

    • Agent BallSack

      Seems the university has bent over backwards for the last 5 years to help him work those hours for the benefit of his family, now they expect some work back and he’s thrown his toys and having a sulk.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe he’s a total pain in the arse and he’s being given a ‘problematic’ timetable that will encourage him to seek alternative employment. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    Maybe we have far too many Unis in NZ for the size of the country and too many tertiary education facikities churning out non qualifications.

    How many Law Schools for example.

    Maybe Key and Co should go in and cut some of these down to size

    • Anonymous

      It’s not the Uni’s that are the problem – it’s every Tom, Dick and Harry polytech or institute of technology churning out ‘graduates’ of six month diploma courses in photography who then either go and work at PaknSave or head straight back in and try another course that will never deliver them to gainful employment. All while sucking up a student allowance and drawing an interest free student loan. 

      They are introducing new standards that make it difficult to get a student loan if you don’t pass your course or change your major multiple times – this will sort some of it out but it’s the polytechs and institutes of technology that are the real problem in my view. 

  • Kosh103

    How about you WO go do his job. Actually how about any one of you who bitch and moan about people wanting to care for their families and work go do their job.

    Off you trot now. And then you can bitch and moan about things.

    • Anonymous

      Why doesn’t he come do my job and then see what he has to complain about. People can care for their families and work but the practicality of this situation means that he will now have to find another way to do that. 

      He is complaining because circumstances outside of his control have meant that he now has to spend more time at work. Canterbury University is struggling to attract students and has to adapt their timetables to make it a more attractive prospect than Otago for students in the South Island. Would you rather they kept the timetable as it was and then be forced to make staff redundant because of falling enrolments? Because that is the alternative. 

      • Kosh103

        He might come do your job, have you asked?

      • Anonymous

        That’s not my point Kosh – my point is that lots of people have jobs that don’t have flexible hours and we just put up and do what we’re paid for. I’m not complaining, I like the structure and consistency of my hours. He no longer likes the structure and consistency of his hours – it happens all the time but why does he feel the need to run whinging to the media about it? It makes him look petulant and unprofessional – do you think that story is going to help his chances to secure employment elsewhere?

        Flexible working hours are great but they are not a reality of every job. If he was losing something that he was entitled to under current legislation then he would have every right to complain. But he isn’t – he is complaining that a perk of his job is no longer available. That would be like me complaining that we no longer get chocolate biscuits provided in the tea room.

    • Anonymous

      Kosh, how about stopping being a tedious,- trolls we can handle if there is a bit of humour and intelligence involved but you are just a fuck wit.

      • Kosh103

        So have you with your oh so clever verbal skills put your hand up to try his job? Or are you just another right wing blow hard?

      • Agent BallSack

        Better than a left wing suck hard. How about you do it, Kosh? Or are your grammatical skills too retarded to gain work at a university? Must be hard having 11 year olds who can spell better than you in your class.

    • Groans

      Most of these University types are only a danger to society when they are at work.  We send them our dumbed down Govt MOE re-education camp kids and after a few years at Uni they’re even dumber.  So I’d given him as much time off as he likes.

      • Kosh103

        So are you another one putting your hand up to do his job, and do it better?

      • Anonymous

        Kosh – you are losing track of the point here. No one is saying he is bad at his job – just that he should work within the contraints of the new timetable. You are trying to make this an anti-teacher issue so you can get defensive and attack the rest of us for our views. Stick to the point at hand – changing employment conditions are a part of life and the fact that he works in a University doesn’t matter. He could be an accountant complaining about the same thing and I would still not be on his side.

      • Kosh103

        Sarrs, check out a few of the comments. Some are saying he is bad at his job, him and all like him. But those that are are the jelous thick as pig shit crowd I would say. The ones who knock higher learning because they could never hack it.

        The thing is though, more and more employers are being asked for “family friendly” hours. This is not something that is only happening in the academic area of worklife. So what is wrong with him fighting for the rights that he currently has? Just becuase the anti-adcademics on here are screaming blue murder, doesnt make them in any way right.

      • Anonymous

        There’s nothing wrong with fighting for the rights you have but he’s not. He’s upping sticks and leaving, while trying to garner sympathy in the media at the same time. I think that kind of behaviour, from anyone, is repulsive and speaks to an attitude of entitlement.

        He clearly thinks that instead of entering into honest negotiations with the University he can try and blackmail them by using the media. Regardless of what he does for a living, no hard working person who puts up with conditions that aren’t always ideal will have a scrap of sympathy for him.

        Yes, more and more people are requesting ‘family friendly hours’ and more and more workplaces are offering them. But it still comes back to the fact that this isn’t an entitlement.

        Kosh, you make your point better when you stick to it instead of reading insults and putdowns in every generalised and innocuous comment. You should hear what people call me in my job – and that’s not just on an annonymous internet forum. Accountants get shit from the government for not collecting enough tax revenue for them and then shit from clients for taking too much tax off them. Lots of people think they could do my job better than me – I just relax because I know they couldn’t. Take a chill pill mate – if you want to change people’s perceptions of educators you’re going about it the wrong way.

  • Scott

    To be honest Cameron I’m really annoyed about my timetable as it is completely suited to first year students and doesn’t have any real care to those that work part time or have other things on. I’m hopeful the University of Canterbury will make a few changes

  • Kthxbai

    He doesn’t need to pick the kids up after school or drop them off – if he’s in a major university town, there are plenty of pre- and after-school programs available, complete with delivery to and from school.

    Yes, it’s hideously expensive, but it’s what the rest of us have to do.  And we do it.

    • Kosh103

      Actually if “we” can “we” do not employ others to look after our kids when we should be.

      • Anonymous

        Its called choice Kosh, as in most people chose to work their butts off, all hours, to get ahead and provide a decent life full of opportunities for their kids. If others can offer the same with less effort, lucky them.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, if that option is available then it is great. It’s not available to everyone though – it is a fact of life. You have to work with what you have rather than complain that others have it better.

        Kthxbai has a good attitude – at least s/he’s not leaving the kids home alone with a box of matches because they don’t want to pay for childcare.

      • Kosh103

        Correct TCrumb, lucky them. So why would anyone not fight to keep work conditons that allow them to look after their kids.

      • Agent BallSack

        Because in the real world Kosh, hours and working conditions change, we all don’t have some cushy guaranteed job that we can’t be fired from no matter how shit we are at it. If you climbed down from your ivory tower for a while you might see those of us who are self employed don’t have Unions or set hours to protect us. But, oh that’s right, we’re evil rich bastards.

      • Kosh103

        No ballsack, your not rich bastards, just bastards will do.

      • poorman

        “Actually if “we” can “we” do not employ others to look after our kids when we should be”
        No, “we” stay at home and let the rich pricks pay more tax to support “us”.

      • Agent BallSack

        Lol @b32f09744e97966ab0d05f2db1e98c09:disqus  point noted :D

        I think Pink Floyd said it best when they intoned:

        And after all
        We’re only
        Ordinary Men.

  • Tristanb

    Let the bastard go. Let him try and find work overseas. It’s not as if this country is short on “academics”!

    He might be able to find a job at a university, or somewhere with heaps of government funding and no requirement to use the money efficiently. I’d rather it was another country’s goverment footing the bill to pay for this spoilt, self-entitled brat.

  • tas

    This guy is treating a full-time job like a part-time one. I have no sympathy for him and no fear of his threat to leave. The university was planning layoffs anyway.

    However, if the same numpties that were running the place when I was there a few years ago are still in charge, then I expect that the new system will require reams of extra paperwork and 10 new bureaucrats, while simply pissing off students with more 8am classes.

  • tas

    While we’re on the subject of pay, the university needs to end the policy of paying all staff (of the same rank) the same across fields. It means that the university can’t find decent finance professors, while the sociologists are overpaid. But I guess that’s the way the union wants it. In the US professors’ pay is individually negotiated.

    • Jassen

      Go wash your mouth out with that suggestion of individual bargaining and peformance based rewards. How dare you …….. :-)

  • Lesley

    Welcome to the real world Professor! Why doesn’t the kid’s mum help out? I wonder did he go from being a Uni student to a lecturer at Uni. When my daughter graduated with her Master’s degree I couldn’t believe how many PhD degree students were returning to work in the AKLD University. And most of the PhD degrees were so stupid.

    • Paulus

      Mum’s too busy doing her innocuous PHD, and being a real woman at the same time.

  • Mickrodge

    Of course the career academic is going to bleat about the changes to his timetable.

    He hasn’t the slightest fucking idea how the real world works. We should pity him rather than pillor him.

    Poor sausage…maybe a paid sabbattical would help???

  • Kosh103

    I am always amused by the level of anti-academia there is in the western world. Most of it coming from people who do not understand the job nor able to do it.

    • EX Navy Greg

      I have refrained from commenting on this thread all day , I have the feeling there is more than one side to this. The Uni where he is, appears to have done nothing to retain him. If he was the calibre of , say, “professor Hawking” I am certain the outcome would be different.

    • Steve and Monique

      Understand the job,And take my hat off to anyone trying to teach etc.Just cant get my head around why some in the Academic world think there shit dont stink.

    • Alex

      Get real Kosh.  No one has any animus against academics per se.  What we have a problem is with academics who think they’re superior species that shouldn’t be encumbered with the same sorts of work conditions ordinary people endure.  What riles me about this guy is (1) he’s had wonderful conditions for years, when most people don’t even get any where near as good; (2) his change in conditions is due to the invidious position Canterbury finds itself post-earthquake.  And yet, instead of doing the decent thing, and just endure it for the “greater good” (you know that concept certain academics love to remind us about), he whinges.    

  • EX Navy Greg

    Professor Clayton Weatherston.

    Nek minnit..