I am struggling to see how it is news that a fruit loop millionaire, ostensibly from illegal activities such as hacking and spam, is getting the arse from New Zealand.

The best bit is we still have his $10 million.

People are focusing on his residency application and his “filesharing” activities and conveniently ignoring the thugs he had on staff for “protection”, who their known associates are (they aren’t nice, trust me) and the illegal firearms he had on the premises.

His lawyer blithely explains:

 In explanation for having a gun without a licence, Dotcom said he was concerned for his safety and that of his family.

Most people concerned for their safety don;t illegally import a Mossberg Super Shorty which at 300mm (11.8 inches) is less than half the length legally required for a firearm (762mm or 30 inches) in New Zealand. You can’t buy them here. Not anywhere. The fact that the gun was alos loaded, and with illegal munitions other than for law enforecement shows this man has scant regard for the law.

His $10 million should be forfeit and he should be tossed from our shores. No fuss no bother. See ya later Cyril…or whatever name you are using now.

Cactus Kate contrasts the ninnies in our media with those in Hong Kong where Kim Tim Dim Sim or what ever name he used there, was also a resident.

But she also raises another valid point. If Winston and Labour want some inquiries then the government should go right ahead and I’d suggest that we start by inesitgating thoruoughly the Bill Liu affair and the involvement of David Cunliffe and Shane Jones.

And Labour should be a little more humble about the Kim Dotcom case. I recall Bill Liu, Whaleoil’s expose, Liu’s multiple identities and donations to the Labour Party. So will frontbenchers David Cunliffe and Shane Jones they will never forget Bill Liu. Neither will all Labour MP’s old enough to have been around to facilitate the disaster.

Those who live in glasshouses should not be throwing rocks.

Now if we had an Independent Commission Against Corruption here they would start right there and work on up to Kim Schmitz.

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  • Paranormal

    Can’t really blame Dotcom for having an illegal firearm when plod don’t recognise having a firearm for self defence as a reasonable purpose for legally owning a firearm.  i don’t buy the “munitions for police use” only rubbish either. 

  • Paulus

    What has happened to the Liu affair – are the police still afraid to proceed ?

  • Cobalt Wizard

    Interesting to note that the FBI (as reported in granny Herald) have been recording Dotcom’s, and friends, SKYPE conversations since at least 2007. I wonder if the FBI asked our government’s permission to monitor his phone calls and internet usage? The irony is that Dotcom will sell his story to Hollywood and they’ll make a movie and protect it against illegal downloads. 

    NZH: “The judge’s decision contained material prepared by the FBI, from a 2007 Skype conversation, where van der Kolk and Ortmann discuss what Dotcom would do if he was caught”.

  • dolph

    The only Mega conspiracy in this case so far ,is that at least one  person ,and probably more, some   at a ministerial level. in at least one and  possibly several government departments, accepted a bribe of 10 million dollars. plus added perks ,to ok a residency application.The lame stream media once again smokescreen this by demonising a guy who by most accounts was having a great time on the north shore.