The Septic Tank aka Carmel Sepuloni reckons she is going to come back in 2014:

Former Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni may have dropped the Waitakere fight for now, but looks likely to pick up where she left off in three years time.

Labour confirmed today it would not be seeking an electoral petition for the tightly-contested Waitakere and Chrischurch Central seats.

National’s Paula Bennett led the race for the Waitakere electorate by 349 votes on election night, but lost it to Ms Sepuloni after special votes gave the Labour candidate an 11-vote advantage.

Ms Bennett reclaimed the seat with a margin of nine votes after she requested a judicial recount.

Ms Sepuloni said today the decision not to keep fighting the result was a relief.

“It would have taken months, and I was quite happy with the process and felt that it had been fair,” she told APNZ.

“It’s not the end of the world, I can go and do something else. I’m very priviledged to have been an MP, especially at the age of 31 when I got in.”

Ms Sepuloni said the seat was winnable for Labour in 2014, and there was a good chance she would be back.

Che obviously hasn’t been reading what Josie Pagani has been saying about how out of touch Labour is, particularly with the very people who mostly reside in Waitakere these days.


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  • Super Guest

    Just what Labour needs to re-invent itself, the return of hate-filled wretched harpies ladies.

  • jabba

    so, what will she do for a crust over the next 3 years?

    • Mully

      If I had to guess, some “electorate” job for one of her mates. None of the smart ones, of course, who know she’s toxic.
      But certainly not anything useful

  • Wetfootmammal

    “The Septic Tank aka Carmel Sepuloni”

    And Whale earns his reputation as the “shrillest shill in shillsville” once again.

    • Super Guest


      He still has to get past every “writer” for the blog (typical of the left, not enough talent to fill a thimble in one of them, so they have to team up to reach decent commentary, even then they’re still about 10% as effective as WO) and every commenter, and every member of the Labour party’s sisterhood to get anywhere near “shrillest shill in shillsville”.

      • Wetfootmammal


        The Standard is a model of civility compared to this place. Whale attracts attention mostly for the same reasons the National Front get in the news. He provides a freakish extremist spectacle that provides cheap entertainment.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Wetfoot, I actually agree, the standard is a model of civility, but only because any view that does not suck the balls of the O.P. is deleted, followed by a ban.
        In the year I have been visiting here, WO has banned two people. The stranded would have banned two before smoko.
        WOBH  gets a bit rowdy at times, but its free speech here, and that’s why this blog has such a following. This is not extremist at all, remember 72% of people didn’t vote for the party you support, sounds like a majority to me.
        Thank you for your entertaining posts, P.S. bet you two bucks you’re a schoolteacher.

    • Troy

      Well if you don’t like it fuck off – easily solved you left-wing pinko – what a goat’s cock you are.

      • Wetfootmammal

        No no Troy, i appreciate diversity. All the weird and wonderful shades of humanity. Freak shows are to be celebrated, not marginalised. The internet is great like this. It offers celebrity to those who would otherwise have no life. I mean look what this guy is doing for himself:

      • EX Navy Greg

        Ooookayyy… Wetfoot,. what were you looking for on the internet when you found that? Definetely a schoolteacher, you owe me two bucks.

      • Mark

        True ENG – definately a teacher. Probably had the same amount of experience in the private sector (ie the real world) as Goff.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Mark, funny thing is , my contacts in MFAT and the diplomatic corps all speak very highly of Phil Goff. Credit where it’s due, he was good at getting trade deals signed. Personally I think he’s a goats cock ( cheers Troy, awesome ) but there you go.  :-}

  • Honcho

    Shes 31 ???!!!!! … She acts like she is 13!

    3 more years she can use to grow up, then maybe she will realise tagging into parliment on the list was the peak of her ‘career’ in politics and then do us a favour and pi$$ off.

    • Mully

      No, no. She *was* 31 when she got in. I think she was a Newbie in 2008, so that makes her 34 now.

  • Mully

    Heh – the only thing I’d enjoy more than Septic standing in Waitakere in 2014 would be Moroney standing in Waitakere in 2014.
    Oh, and Bradford standing again. I’m almost gutted I didn’t see Bradford campaigning this last time.

  • Nick K

    Here’s an idea for her = go back to school.  Privileged isn’t spelt “priviledged”.  She would have given that release to Granny. 

    • jonno1

      To be fair, it’s probably the Herald “journalist” who can’t spell, as it appears to be a quote.

  • Wetfootmammal

    No you guys don’t get it. It’s like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktoIs0JDWBE&feature=related

  • EX Navy Greg

    Embedding disabled , please re post on new link, it doesn’t play.
    I am agog with tittilation awaiting your latest morsel. D

  • Wetfootmammal

  • EX Navy Greg

    Very good, seriously.
    Who started a poem with this line : especially when the october wind blows.
    one of my favourite artists
    If you can answer this I will start charging interest on the two bucks you owe me for being a tosspot teacher.

  • Lcmortensen

    Let’s not forget that the electorate boundaries will be changed prior to the 2014 election – with Helensville 16% over-quota, then Waitakere must move north to compensate. One can only speculate what might happen in that case.

  • Apolonia

    To gain an income she could sell tattoo space. There’s plenty of canvas space available.

  • Dave

    Anybody got a good slogan for that large septic ass, I’d buy that spot for a dollar, thats about a dollar an acre by the way, with built in bike stand for the greenies and room left for a Destiny Uni as well.
    Sorry but I just can,t stand that evil smirk