Duff teachers

With the change of government in the UK some interesting things are coming to light. While 117 teachers in the UK were sacked for “misconduct”, just 17 were likewise sacked for being duff teachers.

ONLY 17 teachers have been sacked for incompetence in the past ten years, shock figures reveal.

A total of 116 have been axed for “misconduct” since 2001-2.

But just 17 were struck off for incompetence, an answer to a Parliamentary question shows.

Meanwhile the UK has dived in international education league tables.

It suggests children’s education is suffering as poor teachers are left in the classroom.

A recent report by education watchdog Ofsted showed only three per cent of secondary school teachers are “outstanding”.

Standards were “variable” across the country.

The report said many lessons are too boring and indiscipline is rife as teachers fail to control unruly pupils.

English teens are 18 months behind Chinese, Korean, Finnish and Japanese pupils at reading. UK schools are said to lag behind Albania and Iran in maths and science.

Tory MP Chris Skidmore, who uncovered the figures on teacher sackings, said: “They offer another lesson in how the last Labour government failed to focus sufficiently on rigour and standards in the classroom.

“Most teachers do an exceptional job. But it is vital poor performance is rooted out, not swept under the carpet.”

Education Secretary Michael Gove wants to cut red tape to make it easier to sack poorly performing staff.

What is it with Labour and teachers?


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  • Scanner

    Wouldn’t mind betting that you could change the names and places and the story would fit this country as well.

  • Willsomers101

    behind  Chinese and korean students ???. 
    These students learn by wrote. ie repeat after me.
     And there is a  National standards type test done at the end of the year. When they have been doing the same thing all year  just moves the average student up a bit. The slower ones dont improve . The better students are bored silly and lose interest.
    Yet NZ has good results with our current system based on international tests. What was the problem you want to fix here again?. Thats right you want to whack the teacher unions by using the students education as an ideological tool

    • Bo Jangles

      you mean      by rote,   like rotation……..where did you go to school?

      • Angry Croc

        Obviously Willy boy above didn’t learn to spell by rote or any other means.

    • Paul Rain

      Rote learning has nothing to do with it- the East Asian countries lack an welfare-funded underclass, as is present in Britain. Even without that advantage, Chinese and Korean people are empirically smarter- they perform similarly well here, after-school tutoring or not.

      • Peter Wilson

        Chinese…are empirically smarter?

        Where’s your evidence for that? Are you sure it’s not that they are subjected to harsher disciplines and expectations, based on results. Such expectations coming from their families and communities.

        Another racist comment.

    • Peter Wilson

      I had an idea that yes, our system was doing well for those in the middle and top range of students.
      What are the stats for those are the bottom?
      If you don’t care about those at the bottom, mainly maori and pacific islanders, you’re helping to entrench the institutional racism so prevalent in the education sector.

  • Blip

    How many duff lawyers (not misconductees, only duff ones)  or duff engineers, architects, doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc etc have been struck off?  Did I hear you say “zero” in a small voice? 

    • Tim

      It’s a little harder to become a registered GP, Engineer, Architect, Pharmacist, they tend to weed the duff ones out. 

      On the other hand it, doesn’t take much to become a teacher… 

    • Ploughman

      Most lawyers, engineers, doctors, and pharmacists are in the private sector.  Their rewards – earnings –  are determined by how well they perform in the eyes of their clients.  This system is the natural order of trading.  Most teachers are insulated from this through working in a state system – and it shows.  How can defenders of the existing order explain how private schools outperform state schools by a country mile in NZ.

      The way to improve teaching is to use a voucher system.  Such systems have been a great success in Sweden and the US (don’t believe those studies that say they haven’t been a success).  They especially advantage special needs and poor kids – which is great.

      And university entrants in the UK are about 1 year ahead of ours.  So if the UK system is under-performing, what is ours?  Crippled?

    • Dion

      Incidentally, most of the above aren’t in the habit of unionising like unskilled port workers.  Nor do they get 18 weeks holiday a year.

      And yet their professions are a lot more involved than writing notes for a bunch of kids on a whiteboard – which was what the median teacher did when I was at school.

  • Willsomers101

    Or even cabinet ministers!
    We can see the duff ones like Tolley ( laughably was Education minister) and   Nick Smith hanging around still. Apparently  Key doesnt have an up or out rule, but with a tiny majority he doesnt dare

  • I have herd of similar stats for NZ.

    Open more charter schools.

  • Fluentread

    Neurotic teacher bashing is all this article is .What a low life beatup of the most courageous people I know . There has been no research ever into foundation literacy for people with text and English processing needs. Teachers  can’t teach. They have never been taught to teach  -the whole lot of them –but don’t pick on them because they are doing an impossible task whilst  being preyed on by pricks like you as part of their daily fare