Ed Channels Phil, Ctd

Ed Miliband really should give Phil Goff a call to ask how his latest plan for opposing welfare cuts is going to pan out:

Labour’s policy is to back the cuts. But its story is the cuts are “too far and too far fast”. Labour’s policy is to cut the deficit. But its story is deficit reduction is creating a “jilted generation”. Labour’s policy is to cap benefits. But its story is that a cap on benefits is “indecent”.

Ed Miliband is facing some tough questions on how his party has got itself into such a mess on welfare. If he wants to answer them he’s going to need to get his story straight.


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  • Paulus

    His party should ask Blair how Socialism made Britain a sad nation.
    He only charges Stg 100,000 as a speaker at a conference.

  • I feel I should point out, in the interest of good grammar, that there is a misplaced apostrophe in the headline.