Ed has Phil’s problem

At first it was Phil Goff that was following the lead of Ed Miliband, but now it is Ed who is following Phil, using the same lines and excuses:

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has rejected claims that he might be ?handicapped? by his appearance, insisting he is the right man to lead Labour to success at the next general election.

Mr Miliband?has faced growing criticism over his leadership in recent weeks, with a series of senior party figures expressing concern that he is failing to connect with voters.

But the?Labour?leader dismissed the attacks as ?noises off? and declared that he had a ?very strong inner belief? that he would steer the party back to power.

His comments came as recent poll results put his personal ratings below those of both?David Cameron?and?Nick Clegg.

Even his brother,?David Miliband, whom he defeated in the 2010 Labour leadership contest, has complained that ?everyone? in the party feels ?very frustrated? at the moment.

Labour MPs are growing increasingly anxious about Mr Miliband?s poor performances in the House of Commons.

I wonder if Ed has thought about dying his hair?

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