European in-fighting

Tension causes people to react.

Hatred of Brussels is said to be even stronger in France and Germany than among Right-wingers at Westminster. There is rising antagonism towards the Germans, who in turn see the Greeks, I am told, as “lazy dagos”.

Then there is the curse of Babel:

Even the linguistics cause tension. Former diplomat Sir Christopher Meyer recalls how the interpreters were once sent out during sensitive discussions. “The German diplomats then agreed to speak English – but only if the French spoke English and the English spoke French.” No wonder they can’t sort out their currency.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    We arw watching the end of the Euro and hopefully the EU.  I think it is at last beginning to sink in that they cannot get their national economies back on track until they have control of their own currencies.

    The Frogs wonder why the Pound hasnt got a downgrade.  Well the Pound floats and people therefore peg its value at an appropriate amount.  Also the Chancellor in the UK can print more money.

    The Euro nations cannot.

  • If only it were that simple – the only advantage the US has in this – and they’re pushing like hell to keep the focus on Europe – is at least they’re only one country.  The solution was in the introduction of the Euro – it should have replaced all national currencies.