Explaining is losing, Ctd

You would think the recording and movie industry spokes-people would be keeping a low profile after the smashing they got last week over SOPA/PIPA, but no. Former Sen. Christopher J. Dodd,  the head of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, selected to run the organisation because of his alleged political savvy and 30-year experience in Congress could only come up with this:

Dodd said Friday that the industry would now seek a compromise version of the legislation. He acknowledged that Hollywood lost the public relations battle and blamed his Silicon Valley counterparts.

“You’ve got an opponent who has the capacity to reach millions of people with a click of a mouse and there’s no fact-checker. They can say whatever they want,” he said. “We need to engage in a far better education process. People need to know … that 98% of people who work in the entertainment industry make $55,000 a year. They’re not moguls and they’re not walking red carpets.”

Yeah whatever…Dodd speaks for the orgnaisation that represents the largest media empires in the world, who collectively own all the major newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, billboards, record labels and studios.

If they can’t get their message right with all that help then they never will.


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  • Anonymous

    Oh shame, they’ve just discovered a player whose reach is comparative to their own and whose business model relies on digital distribution.

    One wonders what would happen if google and it’s like simply stopped linking to all movie/music content irrespective of origin. How long would it take for the industry to come crawling back for all it’s viral marketing needs.