F.A.G. are angry

Just like in Team America, F.A.G. are cutting up rough:

Senior figures in Hollywood have suggested funding for President Barack Obama’s re-election effort could be cut after the White House distanced itself from controversial proposed antipiracy legislation.


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  • Johnboy

    They probably think that it is a little to early to do another re hash of “The Planet of the Apes” even if they have a natural for the lead role.

  • Anonymous

    “You are useress, Arec Baldwin.” 

  • Too bad your pay masters are in love with USA IP laws and Hollywood big money eh FailOil? Hippocrite :p

    • Anonymous

      That’s “hypocrite” to you, numbnuts. As for the rest of the comment, just utter left wing nonsense.

      Sharpen up Max Dildo Boyle.

    • Matt Damon

      Matt Damon !

    • Guest

      Failoil? I don’t recall Cam being shamed out of a political party candidacy for fraudulent behaviour against the media. Now, that’s what I call a fail….

      • Gazzaw

        F*** off Max. I’m surprised you have the gall to show your face here. Takes a special talent to be cashiered by the greens.

      • EX Navy Greg

        The only person in NZ history to be rejected by the Greens. Somebody plant another tree, this thing is wasting oxygen

  • Anonymous

    Lets hope the change of power in the DPRK will spawn a sequel to the movie.

  • Big Mac

    Call Helen Kely

  • John Q Public

    Is it irony that that’s an illegal copy of a copyrighted movie?

    • No it isn’t, it is a video of someone watching the movie.

  • Dr Wang

    Those puppets can really emote! (well at least as well as the actors they’re portraying).