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The Pope has found the threat to humanity we have all been seeking:


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  • Troy

    When one person professess to know the reason for this that and the other and thru a representative post, uses that to influence – I find it plainly wrong.  Perhaps he should spend more of his energy sorting out those fucking pedophiles from the catholic church that have been ruining children’s lives for years.  Frankly, i’m sick of pricks like this.  Religion, to me, is simply over-rated and often hypocritical to the extreme.  I guess the pope thinks that that is… just ok.

    • Gazzaw

      Live & let live Troy & the Catholics do not have a monopoly on sex abuse. Let me point out that I am neither a Catholic nor a practising Christian. Sex abuse is alive and well in all sectors of society and protected from the top wherever it exists. That’s the way paedophila thrives. Take for example the cover-ups in Australia. I dare say that as many atheists as Christians love a bit of kiddy fiddling.  

      You may think that religion is overrated, billions in the world do not.

      I’m not about to get a religious debate under way I just happen to believe that the Catholic church does a a shitload of good work & that the overwhelming majority of Catholics and their clergy are good people.   

      • Troy

        “You may think that religion is overrated, billions in the world do not.”  I guess that’s my point in a way – simply that billions have got it wrong. I guess humanity has about another 13 billion years or so to figure it out once and for all!

    • Peter Wilson

      I’m always amused at the reaction some people have to religion.

      I don’t see it as any different to any other political movement or ideology; the right wing for example and the belief in the free market. Plenty of lefties will argue it has caused more anguish and death than any religion ever has.

      The ultimate in freedom, the internet, arguably has done much to spread child pornography. It’s well documented that the expansion of the internet was driven by pornography’s need for greater bandwidth. The invasion of Iraq to protect oil supplies springs to mind as well.

      The answer is, of course, that it’s not ideas but people and their pursuit of power that cause the problems.

  • Kiwidon

    Spot on Troy! 

  • Urban Redneck

    “out those fucking pedophiles from the catholic church that have been ruining children’s lives for years”

    Indeed. The vast majority of abuses were sexual offenses against post-pubescent boys, and the church was slow to realise the malignant nature of turning a blind eye to predatory homosexuals within its rank & file. Homosexuals commit a disproportionate amount of the sexual crimes against minors – a British Home Office reported back in the 90’s that between 20 – 33 % of child-adult sexual offenses were homosexual in nature.

    American author Tammy Bruce is quite explicit on this:

    Here comes that elephant again: Almost without exception, the gay men I know (and that’s too many to count) have a story of some kind of sexual trauma in their childhood – molestation by a parent or an authority figure, or seductions an adolescent at the hands of an adult.

    Frankly, even before the depth of the Catholic Church’s problem became known, it was common knowledge that many gay men pursue sexual relationships with adolescent boys. Why? Based on my experience in the gay community, I believe it’s due in part to the fact that so many gay men had their first sexual experience with an adult male. That is a traumatic experience, and as long at the wound remains untreated, the victim feels compelled to continually reenact the experience so as to master it or project it onto others

    It is not the priesthood or sexual abstinence that causes men to sexually abuse adolescent boys. It is sexual compulsion among gay men.

    The Pope is right on here. If same-sex marriage is ever legalized, there will be nothing stopping other sexual deviants from bringing in every imaginable behaviour out into the open, daring the law to step in, polygamy will be first, then incestuous and group marriages that would boggle the mind. As sickening as those things are, they are only the better known perversions that the homosexual agenda has unleashed. There are dozens of mental conditions known as “paraphilias” (or fetishes) that have ensnared countless victims – among them being pederasty and sado masochsim.

  • ChrisP

    Don’t get me started on the sex abuse in the SDA…….

  • Agent BallSack

    “then incestuous and group marriages that would boggle the mind”

    Sort of like the Mormons and all the off shoots that practise polygamist incestuous relationships?

  • Anonymous

    Any time I see wankers like him “pontificating” on subjects he has supposedly no experiences in I see red. It’s the old story – “you cannot make the rules unless you have played the game”.

  • Anonymous

    It shows how the world has become so PC that it is quite alright to insult the church, but if anyone out there dare be anti homosexual or believe that homosexuality is an illness then they are slated. I am neither a lover of the church nor practising homosexuals but believe that you should be able to freely insult both without being torn down by the PC brigade. 

  • He’s looking at a choir boy just out of shot

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Evil, but the pic has been photoshopped to make it look more evil.
    Sorry for the next little boy that gets botherd