Face of the Day

Blanket Man has died:


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  • Steve and Monique

    R I P

  • Brian Smaller

    Thought he looked pretty crook when I saw him on my way to the cricket last Wednesday. But then again, how could you tell. Paddy the Wanderer got a plaque  РI wonder if Blanket Man will get one.

    • Paddles83

      Plaque for what …………..being a rude, crude nuisance on the street to everyone that had to walk pass him every day. ¬†

      • Gazzaw

        Tough call Paddles. I’m as intolerant as the next bloke about bludgers & layabouts but the fact is that all cities have a small element of homeless people like Blanket Man. Doesn’t matter how much society tries to help them their preference is to live on the streets. All that we can do is look after them as best we can.

  • Thorn

    Replace him with Len Brown.

  • SMcC

    its about time wellington is a better place without his offensive presence reminding us of how poor our mental health services are

  • bb

    len brown with a spray tan?