Face of the Day

Good to see David Shearer doesn’t wear budgie smugglers like Tony Abbot:

I’d love to see a video of this just to check out the total style. I’d like to see his expertise with cutbacks and his ability to deal with choppy conditions, or is he just a long board cruiser being taken for a smooth ride?


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  • Gravedodger

    Looks like the second option, my question is “how many takes”

  • EX Navy Greg

    He’s undercover, checking if the port is still operating…

  • Jester

    He was no doubt channelling all his energy into fending off the circling sharks.

    Much like his next 3 years as Leader of the Nasty Party

  • Kosh103

    So when can we expect to see the threads attacking John Key for taking a holiday? They should make for fun reading.

    I wait with baited breath, although I suspect I will be waiting a while.

    • Politically Unstable

      Are you suggesting that there is an attack here on Shearer taking a holiday – if there is I didn’t see it.

      I have no issue with anyone taking a holiday whereever they can afford it.

      • Gazzaw

        Likewise. Shearer has a hard year ahead so good on him.  His big problem is that he doesn’t seem to have left anyone capable behind to mind the shop.  

    • Jester

      Jesus Kosh, you’re such a fucking crybaby.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – ahhhh the right, gotta love them. Just cannot take it.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – ahhhh the right, gotta love them. Just cannot take it.

    • Thorn

      They both deserve a holiday after one of the most grueling years in NZ history – one for a resounding political  victory, the other for …….?

      • Kosh103

        Being a hard working MP. And yes they both do deserve a holiday, and yet WO seems to be going to great lenghts to mock David for having one.

        Still no surprise there, WO could never say a bad word against his St John.

    • Mully


      • Kosh103

        Whats the matter, why are you crying. Was someone mean to poor St john and you cannot deal with it.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Just so happens that Shearer the shredder was catching a wave & along came a photographer with a long lens who managed to catch Shearer upright on the board……and then that photographer released the picture to the media…..was it the same photographer that caught Goff shovelling oil on Tauranga beaches – or was it Bradley Ambrose??