Face of the Day

Gareth Morgan, pays for penguins to be fed to Orca, also pays for indigent funerals and now in a position to make a voluntary payment of capital gains tax after selling his business.


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  • kevin

    Oh well, he will have even more time to muck around (globally) on motorbikes… nice.

  • Paddles83

    You have just put me off my breakfast looking at that face  :)

    Go and give yourself good talking too

  • Gazzaw

    Susan Wood posed the question yesterday on ZB. Gareth sounded a bit taken aback by Susan’s effrontery at making such a suggestion & said he had never supported a CGT as a part of Labour policy. He wants a CCT. All sounds a bit of an academic point to me and is really a case of putting your money where your mouth is or lose some credibility.

  • Davidw

    On TV news last night, Morgan admitted that it was too big for his management ability.  Would you want that man anywhere near your savings?

    • Igi

      No, which is why my GMK investment fund has lost 11.3% in the last 3 years. When investors, including myself, questioned GMK’s poor performance (in comparison with other growth funds) Gareth sent out a email calling us all “stupid”. He really is a tool.

    • kevin

      I’m not sure he was in the office much, busy globally motorcycling… nice

      • Igi

        Not to mention his other ‘journey’ into the liberal guilt complex. I wonder if he is going to pay for the funeral of ‘tracksuit pants man’ in Ponsonby when he abuses himself to death..

      • Rockyr

        I don’t think that can be right, he is too worried about global warming and he would be an uncaring greedy hypocrite if he constantly traveled the world spewing out CO2 while being convinced that it was destructive to civilisation.

  • Anonymous

    Can a male commenter please answer this question:
    Why do men grow moustaches? They are hideous and make you look like a twat. 

    • In Gareths case it is probably to hide his hair lip. But generally it is creepy

      • Anonymous

        Ok, hide a harelip – that’s legit. In the same way a comb-over to cover a bald spot is legit – no one thinks it looks good but it’s to cover something the wearer is probably sensitive about. 

  • Anon

    Its the Taxpayer via so called Bank (subsidised via NZ Post, regularly since inception) who are paying this est $50m – $100 to Morgan for his poorly performing Kiwi Saver Management.
    What am doing wrong ? – my stuff ups must be too small.