Face of the Day

Kim Dotcom surely is New Zealand’s own Augustas Gloop


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  • bb

    he sure is. looking forward to seeing how he got let in nz. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    More like Mr Blobby

  • Mark

    The great big greedy nincompoop

  • Surprised you guys don’t love him…..Gives 10mil to the govt, stages parties for all the Jaffas, puts on fireworks displays for Auckland city, leases Chrisco’s house which would otherwise be empty – what more could you ask for?

    • Kosh103

      Hell even Saint John is defending this guy. Im surprised the right are not lining up to bail him out of jail.

      • axeman

        Key is not defending him arsewipe. Just explaining the procedure which ultimately allowed the kraut to gain residency.

        As for defending, how about you try to do that for former cabinet ministers Silent T and Porno Jones when they sold passports to a chinese businessman during the Klarkenfuehrer tenure.

      • Politically Unstable

        And there I was thinking that NZ Govt was being scorned at for arresting and imprisoning this guy on behalf of the USA. Ah well….Kosh you must know more than everyone else

    • bb

      nah don’t love him. banksy just did what anyone else would do if they got an offer of free fireworks for the city. it’s not a nat thing – he’s just giving fat fella.