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Penny Bright gets arrested in Aotea Square


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  • maninblack

    is she the female john minto?

    • Tony

      I would like a doctor’s opinion before I would believe that

  • Troy

    Just another leftie pinko that has nothing better to do in her life than bitch and moan.

    • jay cee

      pot calling the kettle black dont you think given some 90% of the comments here,

      • Anonymous

        And yet you keep coming here to read it all jay cee. Can’t see any bitching and moaning, except another leftie pinko bitching and moaning about pots and kettles.

  • A-random-reader

    Reminds me of the opening sequence from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I’m being repressed!!

  • You can see full video coverage of penny’s arrest here, courtesy of 3News


    But all things considered, the police acted professionally, and with commendable restraint given the arrestee’s hysteria.

  • Petal

    SOP for a protester being arrested is to pretend to be hurt by the people handling said protester.  Yawn.

  • Gazzaw

    I’ve just watched her mayoral campaign video on Youtube. She’s as mad as a cut snake.

  • bb

    good job. move the dirty hippies on.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Loved the headline on the 3 News site…..

    “Hysterical scenes during arrest of Occupy protestor Penny Bright”

    I thought they were hysterical too.  I bloody laughed!

    • That was my comment on their site – which meaning of the word hysterical did they mean?

  • nasska

    In this photo Ms Bright, sans the dead cats she normally wraps around her head, seems symbolic of another era.

    The image reminds one of a time when a similar face would be found concocting spells while chanting over a cauldron full of bat tails & newt eyes.

  • In Vino Veritas

    For someone that’s supposedly been protesting by “occupying”, she looks remarkably clean. Certainly her hair hasnt turned to rope…..
    Having read some of Penny’s stuff, no one should be too bothered by her since her grasp on reality left her a long time ago.

    • olddad

      looks like she had plenty of time to touch up the lippy and practice some good sound bite lines for the telly…”you’re hurting my arm…”, tough sh*t lady, move along.The intent of this protest was lost when every tom, dick and homeless harry turned up for a free feed and a tarp over their heads…

    • Peter Wilson

      A little sad when someone with such obvious talents focuses on the negative. I suspect some psychological testing may help.


    professional jobseeker?

  • Michael

    Maybe everybody should go and camp on Penny’s lawn for four months and see how she likes it. Remember she doesn’t believe in private property.

  • Liberty

     Good work done.
    Even if out of uniform
    Can’t see a Minto bar.

    • Gazzaw

      Minto’s over getting arrested these days. Budding politician, union official & all that. Getting to be part of the establishment.

      • Liberty

        Yep  hypocrisy of the great  unwashed.

        Incited riots  in 1981 over a rugby tour  and yet does nothing  about  Zimbabwe
        cricket .

        I fail to see a difference
        between a persecuted  Black in South
        Afica  and  persecuted White in Zimbabwe.


      • Gazzaw

        Spot on Liberty. If it’s whites getting persecuted that doesn’t worry Minto unduly then he could at least think about the countless thousands of tribal opponents that have ‘disappeared’ or starved while that evil bastard Mugabe has been in power. One of the food bowls of Africa and with huge mineral resources Zimbabwe is now a basket case with its financial resources sitting in Mugabe’s Swiss bank accounts. I wonder if he uses the same bank as Fay?

  • It was about time they left, they had well past their expiry date. 

    Free speech yes, Free camping in a public square no.

    • niggly

      “Free speech yes, Free camping in a public square no.”

      Hmmm, perhaps the Council should have called in DOC (Dept of Conservation) to levy some camping fees of the protestors all these months?

      The protestors might have felt obliged to cough up some money (they can get them from donations), after all even protestors and hippies have time for the dudes at DOC ;-)

  • cornershop…not

    ha ha ha, I think the police could have been spot on moving this sandal-pushing minx. farkthat cops biceps are bulging out of his sleeve, he should have used then to shove up that hippie long wavey haired moose that’s leading this charade of a movement.

    • cornershop…not

      I meant the police HAVE been spot on not Could have.


    What a hollywood.Maybe she could file a complaint with the police for GBH,because someone beat the shit out of her with the ugly stick.As for the rest of thoseFuckin hippie protesters,cut off their dole/welfare/student loans, and see how long they last.

    • Gazzaw

      By the sound of their accents we should be deporting half of them as well.

  • Anonymous

    Her surname is an oxymoron

  • Agent BallSack

    Even the homeless are sick of the Occupy movement..They just want them to fuck off and give Aotea Square back to the REAL 1%. To much police focus on their favourite haunt.

  • When I was watching this, and the similar scenes a few days ago (with the heavyset dirty-blonde woman somewhat reminiscent of Sue Bradford), I couldn’t help but wonder how protected these people are from what’s happening in the real world. 

    All the cries of “Police brutality!” and such, I mean… Police brutality is not being dragged to the van, that’s necessary when you, as a criminal, are resisting arrest. Police brutality is being beaten with a baton till you’re unconscious so the dragging to the van is a bit easier. 

    • Gazzaw

      Agree Joel. I would love to have seen the French riot police handle this.

      • Or even the Aussie cops. One of them gave one of the aboriginal protesters a good bash yesterday. 

  • Rockfield

    Aotea Square anyone ????

    • Was that a real Tui poster or are you breaching copyright?

      • Rockfield

        Copyright !! Wassat ??? (Not in my and Penny’s parallel universe)


  • Brian Smaller

    What a stupid bitch. Arm holds are meant to hurt – the more you struggle the more they hurt.

  • niggly

    I’m sure Penny doesn’t really mind … it’ll make her the centre of attention at the next activist meeting with her hero Minto and mates …. the old dear will be just lurvin it all.

    Also makes her feel better she is doing more good than those wimpy, piss drinking, pussy and pole chasers in the Labour Party … she’s even more staunch now than the Gweens – win-win for Penny all round ;-)

    • Lofty

      Nicely put niggly.

      Penny has now become a legend in her own mind.

  • Agent BallSack

    You’re hurting me, you’re hurting me! Well, get up you stupid fucking bint and walk out like you have some Mana. Point proved – you got arrested again and the cameras were there recording every salacious detail. Unfortunately the only people that respect perennial protesters, are other perennial protesters. The rest of us want you to fuck off and die in a hole somewhere. 

  • Scott

    It’s such a wonderful site to wake up too seeing that bitch get removed, dragged, screaming in front of National TV :)

  • EX Navy Greg

    Now that she has been arrested and charged ( again ) can the judge order a psychiatric assessment? She fucking needs one and that would make interesting reading !

    • Rockfield

      I can just imagine the Assessment ….  two words.

      “Nucking Futs!”


    • Agent BallSack

      A sufferer of Protesterhauzen by Proxy perhaps? Vexatious Protester? 

  • Thorn

    Penny’s anguish and pain comes being held in a position where she cannot avoid smelling her  fish-taco.

  • EX Navy Greg

    She may be trying to bite Mr Plod’s Mr Wobbly.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt WO would oppose to this mutt having a 5 kg weight around her neck.

    • Thorn

      Chain five pit-bulls to her.

      • Anonymous

        No self respecting canine would want a mouthful of that maggot. Unless of course you mean that she gets ripped in five by dogs trying to get as far away as they can…. I guess there’s some smells that even a dog can’t stomach.

      • Thorn

        Travdog, she would have to be disinfected,hosed down and tenderised before the the pit-bulls would bite her. The remains would be left to Mr Wu’s pigs.

  • Anonymous

    FFS we all know that Penny Not So did not spend 101+ days occupying Aotea Sq. She headed down there when the police arrived so she could get arrested and further her innocent victum/false arrest claims. Little Miss Centre of Attention got exactly what she hoped for.

  • Patrick Murphy

    taser the old ho, get her back to Akl Central for a spot of Police brutality

  • Cactus Kate

    At least she wore red lipstick for her arrest

  • Sooty

    They are carrying her the wrong way round. She should be upside down. That end is # Brighter #