Face of the Day

There is a lot of fuss about Peter Whittall setting up a consultancy business dealing with mine safety.

He actually knows a fair bit about what not to do having been the boss of a mine that had a massive disaster.

I’d have to say that Peter Whittall knows as much about mine safety as the EPMU does about running a financially successful union, but more on that later.


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  • Padddles83

    As an ex-miner and coaster who’s majority of male family members
    have spent majority of our life working in both Strongman and Rewanui mines, I
    find it abhorrent that this looser has
    the effrontery to
    set up a mines safety consultancy company after causing the death of 29 men

    • Don’t hire him then….simple. Let the market tell him he is wrong. No one s forcing anyone to take his services.

      • Agent BallSack

        The main issue with saying don’t hire them, Whale is that its going to be agencies that will hire him. Whittall took a big fall for Pike River – I’m not defending him, he knew as much as anyone in charge and the miners themselves how shoddy and shonky safety practices were in the mine. Something simple like a name tag board couldn’t even be maintained. My worry is that other Mine Hierarchy will hire him.

    • Thats ok, Paddles. We’ll just let him and his family starve. After all, with the skill set he has it should be easy for him to find employment as an Airline pilot, nuclear technician – anything but something to do with mining.

      Good on you Paddy. His family should suffer to make you feel better!

      • Padddles83

        Suggest he goes back as a miner

  • Peter Wilson

    This is a bit over the top isn’t it. While there is great sympathy for anyone who has lost loved ones, don’t try to tell me the miners themselves don’t share some culpability. Weren’t there stories about them putting rags over gas sensors? Every workplace will have stories of unsafe practises, in hindsight.

    And I wonder how the family of a drunk driver feels about all the money raised for the miners? Final question; what was the average salary of the miners working there?

    • Agent BallSack

      Big money but treacherous job. I saw the working conditions of miners in a shute mine in Runanga when I lived on the West Coast, let me tell you I value my life too much to ever work in those conditions.

      • Peter Wilson

        My point is all the bleeding hearts about the poor miners families being left destitute didn’t ring true to me.

  • AnonWgtn

    What culpability rests upon Whittall’s predecessor. Whittall was only CEO for 6 weeks prior to the accident. I assume he is on the dole ?
    His predecessor who was CEO for some years has a top job in Australia and has said he will not return to New Zealand.
    So let’s crucify Whittall – as they say in USA “Someone has got to pay”, and they mean real money

  • The biggest cause of worker deaths is workers themselves taking shortcuts to save energy and time on the job.  Unless you stand beside them the entire time while they’re working you will never ensure safe practices you demand are actually followed – been there done that and I have the tee-shirt.

  • Are we proposing that he stay on the dole for the rest of his life because of Pike River? 

    He needs to earn an income. If he does not perform he will not earn an income.