Fletcher speaks out

Cr Chris Fletcher has spoken out about the ongoing Ports dispute:

Deepening Ports crisis raises ongoing questions

The deepening crisis at the Ports of Auckland is a disaster for Auckland”, said Cr Chris Fletcher, leader of the Citizens & Ratepayers bloc of councillors.

“The Ports of Auckland represent one of the largest investments for Auckland Council. The value of this investment is being devastated with the loss of the Maersk and Fonterra business. The Port’s dividend paid to Council will also likely be reduced, impacting on our budget,” said Cr Fletcher.

Cr Fletcher also said “I am hugely concerned but not surprised that the CEO of the Ports, Tony Gibson, said today, “With Maritime Union NZ threatening further strike action, it is inevitable that customers will look for alternatives. Importers and exporters need certainty and reliable service.”

Questions are now being raised about the Port’s future, and whether we need to invite in a commercial partner to help the council oversee a modern and functioning piece of critical Auckland infrastructure.” said Cr Fletcher.

“In the meantime, Council must continue to back the Ports Board in their efforts to deliver the business plan they outlined to council in November. That’s why it’s important the Mayor makes it clear he also supports the council’s Accountability and Performance committee motion on December 8 that he was absent from. This motion supported the Ports of Auckland Board for any actions required to achieve their business plan as tabled at a previous November committee meeting.

“Len Brown also has a duty to speak out on behalf of Auckland’s citizens to ensure crippling strike action does not pose a threat to Auckland businesses. There are many retailers, exporters, industries and service related businesses who may already face a choked supply-line. They deserve to know the Mayor is on their side, and the side of the Ports Board,” said Cr Fletcher.



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  • Mike Johnson

    And if you believe Fluffy wrote that, you’ll believe anything.

    • Vij

      You are a moron Mike.

      • Mike Johnson

        Not sure what your point is.

        Are you suggesting that Fluffy is capable of writing a lucid media release that actually makes some valid points?

        She was incapable of stringing two words together when she was the mayor, let alone when she was a cabinet minister. That’s why even her own Nat colleagues christened her “Fluffy.”

        Hooton, or whoever like him is pulling her strings, was the author of that. Believe me.

    • Guest

      WHo cares who wrote it? If Fletcher issued it, it’s her release. Glad she’s speaking up. Hope other councillors do likewise.

  • Anonymous

    Empty words. Words are cheap – we want ACTION.

    • Richard McGrath

      I believe it would be a cynical abuse of power for the Auckland Council to wield political power when they are a shareholder in PoA.

      • Guest

        Richard, ,they own 100% of the ports. I thought you believed in property rights?

      • Rockfield

        Excuse me Richard, if you are the majority shareholder, you can weild as much bloody power as you want (can in Len’s case) !!!!.


      • Thorn

        Auckland Council is responsible for preserving value in the POAL asset, so they better get off their backsides and wield all the power they can to resolve this mess. It is a cynical abuse of power for Council not to act.

      • James

        Richard would argue I’m sure that the Council has no business having anything to do with the ports at all. The running of ports is a private sector activity…and we can see why it should be so after this balls up.

  • Anonymous

    In an earlier incarnation she crossed the floor of the house and supported Labour’s teachers registration bill which among other things set up the NZEI/ PPTA front The Teacher Council’s.

    I heard the other day that a Kiwi who is an experienced and qualified teacher in the UK has been told he must spend a year at Teachers College in NZ before being allowed to teach here. How silly.

    She also promoted a private bill to amend the RMA to make tree protection mandatory.

    • Guest

      Dude, you have some serious grudge issues.

      • Anonymous

        The ‘cross floor’ incident was a serious matter. I should have also said that at the time the Nats were in power with a majority of one, and she crossed the floor to support a private Labour members bill. Labour then put up an amendment to make registration mandatory for independent school teachers as well (ie Nanny State interference) and she supported that as well and it passed.. After that incident she would have been dead in the water as a National candidate. It is the sort of thing that is not readily forgotten. In thinking about it, I wonder if she had a grudge against the Prime Minister at the time.

    • Hamish

      What on earth does that have to do with her statement above?

  • Vlad

    One of the most notable things about this whole issue is that Cactus Kate, an unpaid blogger, put in the effort to find the real wages & conditions of these luddite fools.  The MSM just cranked out photocopies of the fraudulent bleats & responses of the 2 sides. Dumb laziness, not technological change, is bringing down the MSM.  Now everyone is reproducing her work, unattributed. 

  • What I want to know is this.  With the loss of more and more clients, how will be able to tell the difference between when the POA wharfies are on strike, and when they are not.  Even when the goose that lays the golden eggs is choking its last breath, these clowns still wont let it go.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Supercity Council in-fighting, scared to take on POAL which they own (sorry we the ratepayers own) Scared of the Maritime Union lest they lose council votes?

    Popcorn time, let the show begin

    • Anonymous

      Sad but true

      Enter the Minister of Labour, Minister of Local Government and Minister of Economic Development to sort out this shit?
      Screw that, how bout sending in Joyce – National’s fix it man to go sort this mess.

      • Troy

        If only he could shut down these fucking union wankers and deal to them once and for all.  Look, if the shit hits the fan and Auckland suffers hugely financially, Aucklanders should step up to the mark and fucking shut the unions down – people to the real people – not the Labour-affiliated union cunts.  Trash the union offices and get the port to only employ non-union workers.

    • kehua

      Right on Steve the Brown Council can not even handle the Dirties at Aotea Square let alone the Union  representing the wharfies, total lack of guts, total lack of resolve, total waste of time.

  • thinker

    Is this now , the longterm  plan to transfer all freight elsewhere and for Auckland to be the passenger terminal for people .Amasingingly this don’t need all or many whafies or their union. The waikato Maoris are opening a masive inland port [another along with Toll] in Hamilton aiming at Tauranga or Raglan maybe.

  • Sara

    is this the waiheke mike johnson.   Mmmmmmmmmm nough said me thinks.   

  • Allan

    Sack the lot of them and employ people who are prepared to do the work for the conditions offered.  I am sure there will be plenty of people lining up to do the job.

    • Phronesis

      Which begs the question (that the MSM show no interest in answering) what, if any, skills do these people have that could justify their pay?

  • Blair Mulholland

    I am just amazed that Fletcher would take a stand about anything on anyone.  Good on her.

  • Charles2336

    I wont miss all those trucks and trailer units clogging up the motorway traffic as they make their way to and from the port. Good riddance.

    • No doubt you’ll enjoy increased transport charges on everything you buy that now has to be trucked from Tauranga and not Auckland.

      Trucks have as much right to be on the motorway as anyone.

  • Josh

    Well on the bright side, think of all the opportunities for waterfront once Auckland Ports reduce in size.

  • Pharmachick

    I really, really hate to say this since I’m not at all a fan, nor have I gone all “fuzzy bunnies” on this guy’s memory as time has worn on, but …

    Time for a good Reagan-ing, methinks. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    I see Loopy Len is on holiday on Waiheke and cannot be reached by the NZH for comment!!!!!!!

    Heres a scenarios for you.  Strike carries on. POAL shut up shop and think of all thje land LL and his mates can flog off and then he will have enough money for his choo choo train.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      That was my guess yesyerday. More and more people are starting to agree.
      I think someone should ask Uncle Len what game he is playing

    • Gazzaw

      The media are not really displaying any serious intent to interview Brown. Funny that.

      How often have we seen TV One cameras & Herald reporters absolutely hounding their subjects when it suits their agendas? 

    • ConwayCaptain

      With all the expensive hired help in the Akl City Council and LL is a lawyer why the hell arent they off their chuffs when their greatest business asset is in deep doo doo.

      Is there a secret agenda in the City Council????

      Why arent TV news and NZH really getting stuck in and getting BOTH sides of the story??

      Are Maersk waiting to step in and take over POAL???

      Here we are at the end of the longest supply route in the world and we are at the beck and call of people sitting in Copenhagen.  We are worse off shipping wise than in the days of the old Conference Lines.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    All I can say is thank God Labour didn’t get back into power.

    The back to the 70’s union laws they wanted to bring in would have meant we’d be seeing an awful lot more of this nonsense.

  • Agent BallSack

    Time for the pinkertons to smash some union heads methinks.

  • Melbourne Port will be locking out wharfies over a dispute for two days next week.  Seems the wharfies disease is contagious.

  • CapmoneyCoach Mangere

    What I dont see anyone mention is that with reduced dividends from ports of Auckland. It means less income and that means three things we borrow more, increase rates or cut services. Does Len really want to have to reduce his train plan or maybe close a library or to?

  • Barryt

    It seems so clear to an outsider that the POAL is either to be “broken” by the union actions or will be strangled slowly because losing customers lacking confidance wont come back.

    Thus the POAL has nothing left to lose and MUST find a political deal even if it still hurts. Your rates are about to be increased for sure.  I dont understand that L L  lies and. on his back, enjoying the sand and the sun dreaming about fat merry wharfies.  Has any one asked him?

    The Auckland Poli’s are becoming the joke of Australasia, when once their citizens were so proud and clever.