Fran mans up to Labour’s troglodytes

Fran O’Sullivan challenges David Shearer to look at Norway:

It will be a test of Labour leader David Shearer’s mettle if he overrules the troglodytes in his own caucus and puts Norway at the top of the list of small nations he promotes as exemplars for New Zealand’s economic development.

Norway’s 4.99 million citizens enjoy a standard of living New Zealanders can only dream of. The country has the highest human development ranking on the OECD index. It has a comprehensive social security system, has universal health care and subsidised higher education.

It also has oil.

This is a major asset which Norway hasn’t hesitated to exploit to grow a thriving economy which, on a GDP (PPP) per capita basis, scores double the performance of New Zealand. This can be seen on the International Monetary Fund’s 2011 index where fourth-ranked Norway registers US$53,376 on the chart measuring gross domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita basis. New Zealand is way down the list at 32nd place (US$27,966).

While Labour’s policy is to lock it all up underground they can’t really moan about kiwi workers going to Australia to dig up their minerals.


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  • Gazzaw

    Shearer has got neither the political will nor the political backing to support mining of the scale required to lift NZ back to its former high point on the OECD scale. The Greens & Maori factions would crucify him & hasten labour’s ultimate & inevitable demise.

    NZ does not need anything else from Norway’s economic formula the basis of it being to tax, tax & tax yet again.

  • Hakim of Phut

    Why all this anguish about  what Labour  in opposition, should be ‘thinking’.

     Was the election result not clear for some.

    Hand wringing  as an excuse for thinking  seems to be all the rage

    • Alex

      It’s not “anguish” per se.  Even National party supporters want Labour to grow a pair and deliver sound policy.  A sensible and robust Opposition is essential  to our democracy’s well-being. 

      • Hakim of Phut

        Dont make me laugh…
        If they really wanted  for NZ to be more like Norway… we wouldnt be letting others rent drill ships to find the oil, the government would spend it own money on exploration and have a state owned enterprise to drill and export the stuff. As they did in Norway with Statoil.

        Instead National is creating a new state owned enterprise to put   $500 mill   taxpayers money into  marginal  irrigation projects in the South Island. Will  that will pay off big time ?

        Does Fran have time to write about what National is “doing”, or is she averse to growing a pair and standing up to Key, Joyce and Carter ( Im assuming English hates the idea)

  • Anon

    Having worked over many years with the Norwegians I have two comments
    They can drink very hard,
    They have no sense of humour when sober.
    Great people, and vry rich because of their socialist sense.

  • Rockyr

    So the new broom approach is likely to sweep away Sweden as the Eldorado to which NZ Labour would have us aspire and replace it with Norway, now didn’t their Police have to standby and twiddle their thumbs because they couldn’t get transport to a nearby island where mass murder was occurring, the murderer motivated in part by the high rate of moslem immigration.