Fran on Crafar deal

Fran O’Sullivan has written about the Crafar farms decision:

The Crafar decision is a victory for economic rationalism over blind xenophobic nationalism. Long may the former reign.

Instead of bowing to whipped-up public pressure (which it can’t do anyway without breaking the law and marring New Zealand’s international reputation), the Government has stuck to its guns and allowed due process to triumph.

The approval for the Chinese bid by John Key’s government is a welcome sign that he intends to hit his stride in his second term and make the most of the economic opportunities that are available to New Zealand.

Not to run a mile the moment the xenophobes or the greenies start belting their predictable tambourines and unsettle the nervous nellies in his own caucus.

This is what we want to see more of from our Prime Minister. Not the poll-driven behaviour that (at times) played too big a part in his first term in office. Key has the opportunity to make some very bold calls in the next 18 months. His Cabinet minister’s decision to run with the Overseas Investment Office’s recommendation to approve the bid is the first.

For writing such a story Fran O’Sullivan has now been branded an enemy of the people by The Standard.


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  • Caleb

    xenophobic nationalists, rednecks, racists..

    heard it all before.

  • Michael

    You’ve got to think like a Labour MP. If you don’t like it, change the law. Lose a case in the High Court, no worries let’s enact a Seabed and Foreshore law, Get caught out ripping the taxpayer off for $800k with the Pledge Card, enact legislation to authorise the expenditure. Your coalition partner is breaking donation rules make sure there is a time limit before you can be prosecuted and hope no-one notices for 6 months.

    So if a process has be followed and a bid is accepted as lawful but you don’t want it to be accepted, you just change the law.

  • Notrotsky

    That site is populated by retards, dogwhistlers, HLNJs, pimply faced teens and a dedicated group of righty trolls who manage to make them froth in frenzy

  • Stamper

    The rage emanating from the gang at the Standard is amazing.  
    One viewer referred to the
     ” “Treachery”, “an enemy of the people”, “a traitor to this country”, “disgusting sell-out”, “There is no coming back from this.”, “spit in your face”Good grief. This “article” is too full of anger, bile, and just plain nasty for me to read past the first few paragraphs. “They seem to find it difficult to accept that Fran has a supporting view of the Govt’s decision, and she is prepared to say so.  They do worry me though; what might they do if they met Fran in the street?  There are some sadly extreme rants coming out, much of it aimed at Fran in a very nasty manner.As Whale says – they really are the nasty party arn’t they.

  • Frederico

    Nice..but contrast Fran O’Sullivan’s article with this bitch fest from an increasingly rabid communist… 

    • Anonymous

      “The only way to end our addiction to overspending is to throw out the
      enablers of foreign borrowing and selling assets to foreign interests.”

      Well that’s “one” way, but certainly not the “only” way. Another way is for the desease of entitlement to be scrubbed out of society. Allowing only net contributers to vote on how that money is spent would help. That would throw out the enablers of grossly excessive government spending.

  • I wrote on this yesterday,

    I share the concern of Stamper, especially when you read comments such as the one from Millsy which I drew attention to.

    • chris73

      I wouldn’t worry about him, he’s a scrawny little git that’s all mouth and no trousers.

  • Well, Fran can wear a badge of merit for being dissed by that unprofessional rag, The Standard.

    Signed Mark Hubbard, Lifetime ban from posting to Standard. One year ban posting to Red Alert :)

  • Blair Mulholland

    Do they realise how out of touch they are with the Labour movement throughout the world?!  It’s basically Kim Jong Un, Hugo Chavez, and NZ Labour that believe in stopping foreigners from investing in our country.  The other social democrats of the world have all wisely decided that if Johnny Foreigner wants to give them money, it makes sense to take it.  The Standard are bigoted nutters.

  • Lofty

    Yes Blair, but it is only selected foreigners, ther crap party didn’t mind yanks, poms, canadians etc etc etc etc etc……investing in this country.

    Hypocritical bunch of opportunists thats all they are, they have no particular values.

  • Gazzaw

    If Shearer is truly committed to winning back enough of the centrist vote to win in 2014 then he has to disassociate Labour from the extreme comments made by the Standard. The bile and anger levels are unblelievable. Almost a left wing Volkische Beobachter.

  • Magoo.

    Re: The Standard. National Socialists, says it all really.


    at least it will be farmed.If it was returned to iwi,it would be covered in gorse,and old cars

  • Caleb

    check out the poll on stuff for some more of ‘the government sticking to its guns’ in regards to ‘whipped-up public pressure’.

  • Politically Unstable

    I spent some time trying to understand the Standard posters….It is better fun to stick pins in my eyes. Got banned for offering a differing view. They are zealots (extremists?) and will never grow a support base and lack any sound reasoning.
    Crafer deal is fine with me. It is marginal land which may explain why it ended up in recievership? I see they have given some land back to various iwi.

  • Phar Lap

     Great news Fran the Fearless, at last has taken a massive swipe at the happy crappies
    most of them have never had a real job,and in fact wouldnt work in an iron lung.Fran is my NZ of the year,who could match her in the next eleven months.She has given NZ a reality serve.Why the hell do NZs great unwashed think they are the chosen people,  even joined by self serving washed.

  • Alex

    I did love her comment: “xenophobes or the greenies start belting their predictable tambourines”.  Images of Salvation Army and old style fundy churches came to mind with the mention of tambourines.  Wonder if Fran has hit the nail on the head here as to where much leftist thiniking derives — the 19th century / early 20 th century low church settlers with their “do x, and don’t do y, or else you’ll go to hell” mentality. 

  • Paulus

    Well said Fran.

  • Anonymous Economist

    Fran only goes half way – please explain why the NZ govt needs a 50% joint venture with Landcorp to manage the farms

    Key needs to get some real guts, sell Landcorp to Jiang for another $500 million.

    After all, that would pay for NZ’s welfare state-  for almost a weekThe only way to end our addiction to overspending is to throw out the enablers of foreign borrowing and selling assets to foreign interests.”

    Yeah we have to stop borrowing – but NZ borrows to pay benefits to bludgers
    Stopping that stops half the rot.

    But the other half means paying the debt back overseas.  And the only way we can do that is by selling stuff overseas.  Primarily milk powder,.   But every SOE (including Landcorp) should be gone; and more importantly, the rest of the “welfare state” – schools, hospitals, whatever else is left (copshops, fire stations, fire kit, the whole lot)   just see what Key can get for it on eBay or wherever – and pay back the debt

  • Notrotsky

    Fran has fronted and is having a bit of bif over at The Strandard – can I suggest all members of the VRWC attack mercilessly.