Friday Firepower – Simon

The Israeli Defense Force blog has some 5 cool weapons technology products designed by or for the Israeli Defense Forces. I like this one, The Simon door breaching charges:

One of the most dangerous tasks of urban warfare is entering a building with enemy fighters inside. The sounds of movement outside of a door can give away the soldier’s position and should the door be booby-trapped, the lives of the soldiers are in danger.

With this in mind, Rafael developed the SIMON. It is an advanced, lightweight door-breaching device that easily attaches to almost any conventional assault rifle and is fired from a safe distance of 15-30 meters. A fail-safe mechanism ensures that the SIMON is only armed after it has travelled a minimum distance of 15 meters. When the SIMON’s tip hits the door, the explosives in the warhead are triggered and blast open the door. SIMON contains only 120-150 grams of explosives, but its special shape ensures that the energy from the explosion is directed straight at the door, with very little damage to people inside and outside.

Simon says: “Open door!”

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  • Anonymous

    Mack is a legend.

  • Thorn

    It is better to give than receive – just the thing to cheer Minto’s mates in the sandpit.

  • A beautiful weapon crafted by the crafty Israelis. Oh and a show host that is a legend to boot :D

  • Tom

    Avon calling!

  • Chris

    We should test them on some Tinny Houses !