Full marks for Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard is caught on camera telling police they can’t leave Tony Abbott behind when they extract her from a crowd of angry abos.

Abbott has spent years demonising Gillard. And she still has the compassion to want to rescue him.

Lucky she wasn’t wearing Manolo Blahnik’s for the dash to safety.


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  • Hakim of Phut

    Very poor organisation  from her security. Should have had a safe room just off the podium. When this  mad dash is the only alternative someone isnt doing their job properly

    • BD

      It was a restaurant, not a conference centre, I don’t know many restaurants that have safe rooms? The walk in cooler?

      The security staff were concerned about the protesters breaking the glass, the injuries that they could have caused to themselves was a concern to her security staff. The best way to diffuse the situation was to remove her and Tony Abbott.

      The security staff should be praised for how they handled the situation, if any other world leaders had been in that situation it could have been fatal to some protesters.

      • Hakim of Phut

        I dont know the location but even a Mcdonalds has a small office off the kitchen. Otherwise if there is no secure  place  choose another location, its not like it ‘has to be held here’

        If the protesters  safety was a concern , then she didnt need to be  bodily carried like this,  a moving phalanx  is what is required.  The Romans invented it for gods sake.This didnt happen either.

        Seems to be another case of poor trained goofheads not uncommon in police operations

  • Hollyfield

    Sounds like Ms Gillard would make a good captain of a cruise ship.

    • What a strange comment – she’s totally in the hands of her paid security…

      • Hakim of Phut

        Hes talking about the ‘dont leave Abbott behind’ comment

  • In Vino Veritas

    Hmm. Wonder what Joh Bjelke-Petersen would done to sort the Aborigines out?

    • Agent BallSack

      Abos wouldn’t have been allowed to congregate in Bjelke-Petersens day.

    • Thorn

      Joh would have had a truck with boong bars coming in at 60mph.

  • I think all this coulda woulda shoulda is not helpful at all. Abbott (the target) and her got out safely.

  • Beagle

    I spy cankles.

    • Gouging my eyes out

      Blinding white cankles at that!!!

  • SHG

    Abbott has spent years demonising Gillard. And she still has the compassion to want to rescue him.

    Gillard and Abbott have one of the closest relationships you could possibly imagine between rival party leaders. If Abbott was not such a starched-shirt Catholic family man, everyone in Australia would assume that Gillard and Abbott had had a fling at some point. The demonising is just political theatre since Gillard became PM.

    I’m surprised that Abbott didn’t emerge from the fray carrying Gillard to the car personally.

    • Kim Arnold

      so true, i used to watch them on morning tv in australia..they were great mates and always taking the mickey with each other

    • Beagle

      i’m thinking a Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston-esque scene…”annnnddd iiiiii will alllllwaaaays loooove you”..

  • Phar Lap

    Common sense would have moved the crowd  back.Of course the smallest book ever written
    for Australian vocabulary, a one liner could have been used to the crowd,who would have parted like the Red Sea, GET ******.

  • Alex T

    She’s missing a right shoe in the photograph, the mind reels at anti-Cinderella comparisons.

    • Hakim of Phut

      The word ‘Gingarella’ has all ready been uttered.

  • RightNow

    Michael Anderson today said “we now have a copy of what he [Mr Abbott] actually said” and agreed that the Opposition Leader’s comments had been misinterpreted by the group who surrounded the Lobby Restaurant several hundred metres from Parliament House in Canberra.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/national/i-hadnt-heard-abbotts-comments-embassy-leader-admits-20120127-1qkfl.html#ixzz1kbwyPEwi”


    You know what Manolo Blahniks are?! 

  • Kthxbai

    Not those shoes.

  • Kim Arnold

    there was nothing wrong with what Tony Abbott said, things have changed and maybe they should move on…again the press report what they want and no worry about the reactions….did anyone see how happy Gower was last night reporting on the teapot tapes…dickhead, if he did not have a mouth of such awful teeth i would want to smack him in the gob

  • Kiwidon

    I don’t like her politics full stop. But neither she, or the position of PM, deserves this shit! 

  • jay cee

    i heard on the news that the protesters were outside that place for some 30 min surely plenty of time to get extra back up?