Furiously stuffing the cat back into the bag

Russell Brown at Public Address was the first reasonable size website to publish the audio and Youtube video of the teapot tapes. At the time he was all full of bravado coomenting:

He isn’t so sure now after taking the links down:

What is very interesting is that none of the mainstream media sites who made this an issue int eh forst place have had the balls to publish even links to the files. For all their talk about public interest you would have thought they would have done so now that Bradley Ambrose has released the file into the wild.

That would suggest that their legal advice is somewhat better than Alistair Thompson at Scoop who has also now published the audio and Youtube video. It seems though that Russell Brown may be furiously trying to stuff the cat back in the bag.


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  • Tumeke not only has a link to the tape, but they’ve done a transcript as well. Still, Tim Selwyn knows all about prison, doesn’t he…

  • Hollyfield

    The Standard has links to it, too.