Get your bucket ready

Seriously have a bucket handy:


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Please no! 52 seconds was all I could do – surely no one could  watch the whole thing?

    • John

      I was slow to stop it at 49 seconds … ffs

  • BD

    Maybe that legislation in the US could be put to some use

  • Anonymous

    FFS, way to ruin my day.

  • Lesley

    But they wear eyeliner!

  • Oswald Bastable

    We have to nuke the site from orbit- it’s the only way to be sure!

  • Petal

    Spice Girls 2012.  Yawn

  • POAL

    fucken’ straddle drivers

  • Dr Wang

    Continuous playing of this would clear out any “Occupy” campsite – it might have a use afterall.

    • Anonymous

      Grafitti on the former WINZ building, Colombo St Chch:” Politicians are worse than pedophiles, they fuck our childrens future”

      signed by some occupy cock, whose name I cannot recall…

  • Bobo the Idiot

    This is what the new young man apsires to be, they are half way between an Auckland Metrosexul and a female. I bet you their tackle has shrunk.

    I would say where have all the cowboys gone but even they are now in the same bracket.  Bring back manlyhood  feel dirty just watching the begining.

    • Hakim of Phut

      Get a life . Its for 8-12 year girls.

        Beiber is growing up fast so leaves a gap for the next big thing   for this age group.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Then 8-12 year old girls need to know that most men aren’t like this.

  • beenthere

    35 secs of it was all I could watch..

  • EX Navy Greg

     24 secs , fuck me backwards

    • Ex Army

      thats cause you’re ex Navy as Ex Army I  only got to 3 secs

      • EX Navy Greg

        We are made of stronger stuff mate,heh!

  • Mark Brown

    My bucket wasn’t big enough. 


  • Anonymous

    Have they grown out of pull-ups yet?
    Even my 15 year old said they were ‘gay’ –  I agreed both in her 2012 lingo and my generation.

  • Anonymous

    Is this for real? I thought this was a comedy show piss take.

  • Dr Frank Cant read

    Take this down to the picket line at the port & play it LOUD.  I am sure Gazza Parsnip will be the only one left

  • Bloody hell – got to 25 seconds before I canned it
    Do agree, play that at the port and whoa they would all either bail or get back to work…

  • sthnjeff

    Thirteen seconds when that fucker winked, that was just the straw that broke the camels back

  • Jman

    lol WTF was that?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Just shows that girls like girls

  • Anonymous

    The ultimate irony, I guess , is why do girls go  gaga over gay males?

  • Hakim of Phut

    Whats new.?

     Once there were the ‘castratii’, they even had special music written for the boys!

  • Anonymous

    Did they get their dance moves off these guys?

  • James

    when is Eminem going to sing a retort about a bunch of bum fucking homos and how they should do each other in the arse without  a rubber

  • Steve and Monique

    So that’s what Kosh103 does in his spare time! 

  • Killjoy

    I liked it… Reminds me of Labours’ attempt to “connect and have dialogue with kiwi’s” through social media…