Gingrich wins South Carolina

Newt Gingrich overcame a last minute attack on him to win the South Carolina primary:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich stormed to an upset victory in the South Carolina primary Saturday night, dealing a sharp setback to former front-runner Mitt Romney and suddenly scrambling the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

“Thank you, South Carolina!” a jubilant Gingrich tweeted to his supporters. He appealed for a flood of donations for the next-up Jan. 31primary. “Help me deliver the knockout punch in Florida. Join our Moneybomb and donate now,” said his tweet.

Exit polls showed he led among voters who said their top priority was picking a candidate who could beat President Barack Obama — a group that had preferred Romney in earlier contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

What probably got him over the line was this stunning on the media in a live debate where the CNN host, John King, opened the debate with questions over Newt’s long term affairs. He absolutely smashed up the host, the media and attacked Obama as well…to loud applause.

In the US they take a dimmer view of people who cheat on their taxes than those who cheat on their wives.


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  • Trekkie626

    Gingrich is an awful human being, I don’t see why married and evangelical voters went for him.

    • Super Guest

      I agree. Newt scorches the earth wherever he goes, and leaves no hypocritical stone unturned. I suspect the evangelicals didn’t have long enough for the news of his bizarre personal life to sink in. I favour Mitt, myself, the US needs money, Mitt knows how to “make it rain”. Plus he’s a Mormon, and not one of the crazy ones, so you know his personal life is white bread as can be.

    • Dion

      I don’t think he’s awful – he just has a mildly silly name, that’s all.

    • bristol

      Ironical isn’t it, since it’s highly improbable that you have never met Gingrich, your opinion of him has most likely been formed as a result of the same elite media he’s lambasting. This is the same media that wants Romney to be the Republican candidate up against their beloved Obamamessiah. Should Romney win the nomination, then watch the media tear him apart. Gingrich may not be perfect, but he’s the best they’ve got, and he’ll be a better President than Obama is or ever will be.

      • MrV

        No not ironic at all. He takes whatever side he is paid to do. He represents everything that is wrong with DC.

      • Trekkie626

        I don’t think it’s too much to ask that a president be honourable. Regardless of what you believe over the thing with his second wife, he still left his first wife while she was battling cancer. He is the only Speaker to be censured for ethics violations. And I suspect bristol, if this were a left-wing candidate you wouldn’t be batting an eye. Personally I’d like Ron Paul, but I’d take Romney over Santorum, because he’s nuts, and Gingrich because he’s a snake oil salesman.

  • “I don’t see why married and evangelical voters went for him. ”

    Possibly because he’s less awful than the liberal RINO Romney.

    Although I suspect a large part of his support is because he went after the left wing media. The man in the street enjoys seeing those despicable scum get dealt to, and so few politicians have the guts to do it.

  • Michael

    If only our politicians had the balls to kick it to the media like Newt did. I loath guy, but top marks for the serve. 

  • Newt will either bring in Sarah Palin or Alan West or Marco Rubio as VP.

    That should knock the Kenyan’s skinny little faggot arse right back to Africa where he was born.

    • Oh fuck off with the racist rants.

    • Kosh103

      How stupid are you? Obama is a legal US citizen, he is straight and he is more of a man than you seem to ever be capable of being.

      Newt has no chance of winning in November. It is one thing to win over the rednecks, its another to beat a sane oppnenent like Obama. Newt will be made mince meat of given his past.

      • Newt’s past is nothing compared to Obama’s.

        Multiple homosexual affairs.

        Gangster dealings with the Chicago mob. (now in jail)

        Sealed university records. Why? Probably because they show him using an Indonesian passport and the beneficiary of a foreign student bursary. (therefore ineligible to be POTUS)

        A long term affair with one of his female press secretaries.(Vera Baker)

        Michelle Obama’s alleged affair with her Secret Service bodyguard.

        Obviously fake long and short form birth certificates.

        Ineligible anyway as father a British subject.

        Palling around with terrorists.

        Long term attendee at hate America black liberation Marxist church.

        Mentored by Marxists.

        Doctored photographs attempting to show relationships with grandparents. So fake they’re laughable.

        Under investigation for electoral fraud by Arizona sheriff.

        Summonsed to appear in Georgia court to defend against fraud charges.

        Facing similar charges in a dozen other states.

        All shielded from public view by a corrupt left wing media who have delved as far back and as deeply as possible in investigating Republican candidates.

        Obama is toast and so is his fake media cheer squad. ABC, CNN and MSNBC. NY Times. Newsweak. All going down with the Kenyan.

      • Thorn

        Kosh, go easy on the term ‘red-neck’. Otherwise, you are showing progress and promise. 

      • Kosh103

        Ahhh redbaiter, I see you are as crazy as all getup. You would make a fantastic teabagger.

  • Racist.. ???

    Always ready with the PC crap you fucking liberals.

    I can cheer for Alan West and be a racist?

    How does that work?

  • Blair Mulholland

    Newt actually achieved things when he was in power, unlike Romney.  He is a charismatic and inspiring speaker.  He isn’t a gazillionaire with Cayman Island bank accounts that Obama can turn into a GOP stereotype.  He’s never run a campaign to the left of Ted Kennedy.  He will be a fine nominee, a fine candidate, and a fine president.

  • Hmmm so racism about Obama earns a “fuck off” from Whaleoil himself, but another story attracting a comment about “island thicko’s” (sic) gets silence. Hypocrite, much?

    • Thorn

      Black is beautiful but Brown is the colour of shit.

    • Anonymous

      Probably because my comment had merit as a fact, and wasn’t a race based attack, unlike the racist ranting below.

  • bristol

    Mr V, interesting no context video full of ‘clips’ and ‘sound-bites’ all put together by the Ron Paul fan club – since Ron Paul wants the nomination, of course he’s going to present his opposition in the most unfavourable light. The truth is, none of the candidates is ideal, but my point is that Gingrich is the best of a bad bunch, and isn’t it the truth that history is full of flawed characters who have risen to the occasion and done great things.

  • Mooloo

    I think it’s time for all the children to get to bed getting a little cranky , we have a big week ahead of us .
    Gingrich won because he took on the media  . He is at his best when he’s angry and speaking off the cuff.He whipped some media arse and consolidated the right wing vote.
    This could be a real problem for the existing president who is a product of the telly prompter.
    If Obama gets in a shit fight with Gingrich he could come second. These are unusual times who knows what the independants will decide to do in 2012. It’s certainly not a given for Obama, the congressionals proved that. 

  • Vlad

    Some extremely unpleasant and near dingbat comments on here, I like to think the Right is rational and the looney conspiratorial rants belong on The Stranded . 

    • Alex

      This thread is positivel compared to the “capitalism enables equality” thread! 

      I guess it’s all a case that left and right wing extremists have the same genetic make-up, and a complete absence of perspicuity.

      • Alex

        “positive!”was meant to be “positively reasonable”

      • Anonymous

        loonies are on both sides of the fence, and neither side wants them.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Tend to agree Alex. I too have been disappointed by some of the comments.The only good thing is extremists from both sides make me more determined to not go there and to be more reasonable and compassionate.

    • Kosh103

      Most of the time the right is far from rational.

  • Kimbo

    Well impaled!

  • Alex

    I visit the USA each year for an extended period, and so get to talk to Democrat and Republican Americans.  What has struck me is how utterly disillusioned and disconnected Americans have become with politics.  It really is quite scary how negative and apathetic mainstream Americans have become towards their democracy.  They have been totally put off by the tactics of zealots from both sides.  I know Republicans who, so frustrated with their party, had hoped that Obama might have been able to cross lines and unite Americans again.  I really do feel that the USA is now in terminal decline and there is little hope of arresting that decline.  It’s just a pity the Republicans can’t find people the calibre and overall decency of Colin Powell or, even John McCain.     

    • Alex

      ps. for what it’s worth (probably not much) but I think Obama will be re-elected (possibly by a narrow margin).  From the Americans I’ve met, most think he hasn’t very effective, but they don’t doubt his sincerity or that he’s decent guy. 

    • Kosh103

      The problem with Obama trying to work across party lines was the Republicans refused. Hell they are voting down things that Obama has put up just becuase Obama put them up. Never mind that they were things that Republicans like, the evil Obama suggested it so we cannot vote for it.

      American politics has become so divided it is hard to see how anything gets done.

  • EX Navy Greg

    could someone please enlighten me . I don’t give  a shit who wins.
    How will this affect us here in NZ what the outcome is ? and why should we care?
    I am more concerned about the governance of  our Asian trading partners, not  a fading superpower who keeps digging a hole for themselves.

    • Magoo

      The sooner the recession ends the better for the entire worldwide community. Countries that borrow well beyond their means dig a hole not just for themselves, but for us and our trading partners due to the global uncertainty they create. Obama needs to go and it’s important that his Republican replacement isn’t a closet socialist who will perpetuate the fiscal irresponsibility.